How to strengthen brittle, dull hair naturally

The appearance of our hair is a clear reflection of our state of health in general. A deteriorated hair can be significant that something is not right, we may have deficiencies of some vitamins or minerals, or maybe we do not take care of it as it really needs.

The natural and homemade remedies that we will provide in this post are to take care of brittle, brittle, dull hair with open ends. We must point out that we can care and nourish the hair so that the tips are not damaged and open, in addition to the natural remedies that we will facilitate to clean the tips with a haircut is also advisable.

Many factors can predispose us to the hair to suffer, become brittle, run out of luster, the tips open, and often occurs because the sebaceous glands of the scalp do not produce enough fat or bait.

We know that an excess of fat or bait on the scalp is also not good, but in normal limits it is necessary that this bait is present. The causes why sebaceous glands do not produce fat or bait in normal limits could be among others:

  • Bad eating habits.
  • Unbalanced feeding.
  • Pollution or pollution.
  • Situations of stress or anxiety.
  • The hair dryer, the hair iron.
  • The dyes, colorations, wicks.
  • The sun, the water of the sea, the chlorine of the pools.

Undoubtedly we can also contribute to hair care from the inside adopting healthy lifestyle habits in which the food is healthy and balanced rich in vitamins and minerals, keep us well hydrated, include in our diet brewer's yeast that we can get in flakes , or in tablets.

Avoid tobacco, alcohol, stress, and sedentary lifestyle. Other tips to take care of our hair are:

  • Look for shampoos that are soft, moisturizing, that are not aggressive, opt for natural or organic products
  • Make sure we rinse our hair thoroughly with warm water after washing.
  • Brush our hair gently.
  • Avoid that the dyes, wicks, colors and permanents are not frequent.
  • Use a dryer with cold air, and before using the iron, put on a protective cream so that the hair is not damaged.

3 natural remedies to improve brittle and dull hair

Vinegar lotion to make the rinses

This lotion, in addition to vinegar, also carries fresh lavender flowers and lavender essential oil.

This preparation is for use as a rinse or rinse the hair after washing.

To prepare this lotion we need the following ingredients and quantities:

  • 100 grams of fresh lavender flowers.
  • A liter of apple cider vinegar.
  • 30 drops of lavender essential oil.


We put the vinegar in a glass bowl with lid, and add the lavender flowers to macerate.

We let the mixture macerate for 2 weeks and shake it relatively frequently.

After the time we queue the preparation and add the drops of lavender essential oil.

Now let stand the preparation for 2 days.

When the 2 days have passed, we can use it.

To use it we take half a glass of the preparation and mix it with 8 glasses of water.


Once we have washed our hair we rinse with warm water and in the last rinse or rinse we apply the lotion.

The rest of the preparation can be kept in the tightly closed glass container for a month.

Nettle preparation to give shine

To prepare this remedy to give shine to the hair the nettle is a very effective medicinal plant for its beneficial properties, besides giving shine to the hair it also increases the volume of the hair.

We will prepare a decoction with the root of the nettle.

We need 100 grams of nettle root and one liter of mineral water.

We put water and nettle in a cauldron.

Once it starts to boil, lower the heat and boil for 15 minutes.

Remove from heat, strain the preparation and let cool.


We wash our hair as we usually do and in the last rinse we apply the nettle preparation.

Then we go back to rinse our hair with cold water.

Homemade hair oil with olive oil and essential oils

This mixture of oils is ideal to give the hair luminosity, and shine especially when the hair looks off.

To prepare this capillary oil we need to mix the following oils:

  • 300 ml. of virgin olive oil.
  • 6 essential drops of lavender.
  • 6 essential drops of rosemary.

We mix and keep it in a jar or glass jar with airtight seal.


At the time of applying the capillary oil we put a little of this oil in our hands and we apply it on the scalp while we massage gently.

We comb and untangle the hair and let the hair oil act for 15 minutes, rinse first and then we wash our hair as we usually do.

The capillary oil can be used 3 times during the month. ThemesHair

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