Ideas to take advantage of the food that has left us

On more than one occasion, it has happened to you, you have cooked and even trying to adjust the ingredients so that you do not get too much food, as it turns out that once again the stew, stew, or any other food has been quite abundant.

For these occasions we can use our imagination or ingenuity to take advantage of what we have been doing another menu for the next day or choose to freeze and have it ready for another day.

In case we decide to freeze to eat it at another time we must take into account keep food properly.

We will conserve the food in containers that close hermetically, and of course before packing them we will have left that the food already has cooled previously and to room temperature.

If we decide not to freeze it and keep it in the refrigerator to consume it in a few days, we will also keep it in containers of the same characteristics and once the food has cooled down.

When the food that we have left over we will keep it in the refrigerator we must take into account according to the food that is, the time in which we must consume it so that it does not spoil:

  • Meals made with fish, meat, eggs, no more than two days.
  • Potajes, pots, soups, broths, vegetable creams, no more than 5 days.
  • Meals made with legumes, potatoes, rice, pasta, no more than 5 days.
  • Meals that carry sauces, keep them only 24 hours and consume them in that period of time.

If you choose to freeze the food

If instead we choose to freeze the food that we have to pay attention to these tips will be very useful, because not everything can be frozen, nor in the same way:

  • Foods that carry potatoes should bear in mind that once the potatoes are cooked if they are frozen when they are reheated, they will be harder, we could remove the potatoes before freezing the food.
  • In the case that we are over cooked rice, or another food recipe that has rice and broth as a broth of rice, it is better not to freeze it, when heating it again we will notice that it has lost consistency.
  • If you have prepared a sauce such as tomato sauce for example and you have enough left over, better freeze it in freezer bags, the same can be done with other sauces.
  • When freezing broths, creams or soups, do not fill the container to the brim, take a container larger than the amount that we are going to freeze, we must leave space since these meals contain liquid and the frozen liquids increase in volume.
  • The bread that we have left if we have bought a lot we can also freeze it in freezer bags, do it the same day or at the same time we have bought it.

And what recipes can we prepare with the food that we have left over?

To take advantage of the food that has left us and also surprise the family nothing better than to blow our imagination, we will have delicious dishes.

An easy way to release both meat and fish that has left us and present a different dish is to use both the croquettes As the meatballs.

To take advantage of meat and fish we can also prepare other recipes like dumplings, cannelloni, fish or meat pies, stuff peppers or other vegetables such as zucchini, stuff aubergines, potatoes, eggs.

In the event that we are over rice, pasta or legumes we can take advantage of them preparing for example salads.

When we have left over already cooked vegetables, with them we can prepare tortillas, a vegetable pie, make a scrambled vegetables, a vegetable pizza, salad, adding a bit of homemade or industrial broth to these vegetables we can also make a puree or a cream of vegetables.

When the fruit has been ripe, depending on the fruit we can choose to take advantage of it juices, make a smoothie, include it in a salad, jams, compotes.

Prepare a Macedonia and accompany it with a yogurt can suggest an idea for dessert, also make a gelatin with chopped fruit. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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