Lanolin for the skin: benefits and uses for beauty

The lanolin It is characterized by being a type of natural wax that we find in the sheep wool, and that the animal produces to provide itself with an additional insulating layer with which to cope with the harshest winters.

For this reason it tends to be common that, erroneously, the lanolin is described as a type of natural fat, when in fact it consists more concretely in a type of insulating wax. In fact, this is mainly due to the fact that when it is raw it is known by the name of wool fat.

There are different options to extract lanolin from sheep's wool. After shearing the sheep, the easiest thing is to soak the wool in alcohol. Although another equally easy option is to wash the wool well with soap.

Its texture is very reminiscent of petroleum jelly, since it is sticky, translucent, cerulean and yellowish.

What is lanolin? What does it consist of?

Lanolin is a whitish yellow fatty substance, basically consisting of a kind of natural wax which is produced by the different sebaceous glands of some mammals.

Especially it is obtained from the wool of the lamb or the ram, and is commonly used in pharmacy or cosmetics as excipient for its incredible qualities for the most natural beauty, especially for the ease with which it is absorbed by the skin.

Benefits of lanolin for the skin

Moisturizing quality

As we indicated in the previous lines, the lanolin stands out for its tremendous ease when it comes to being absorbed by the skin, in addition to acting as a wonderful moisturizer.

And what emerges from this quality? Very simple: it is ideal to moisten and soften the skin. This benefit should not be confused with hydration, since it is very different. And it is that while the hydration is rather superficial, the humidification is characterized precisely by the opposite, because it is much deeper, repairing it in depth.

That is, the humectants are those that are absorbed by the skin and help retain moisture, acting as a protective barrier.

Acts as a good moisturizer

One of the main benefits of lanolin for the skin we find it in your virtues as a moisturizer, thanks to the fact that it tends to easily penetrate the skin, and helps to moisturize it naturally. In addition, it tends to soften it, maintaining body hydration.

Another of its main virtues is found in its hydrophobic virtues, which means that it does not become rancid while it is easily absorbed by the skin.

Ideal as a protective barrier

Being a moisturizing substance its qualities translate into that Helps protect the skin by preventing evaporation of waterthat we find -and that they contain- the different tissues.

That is, it acts as if it were a protective barrier, but still more effective than a mere cream or moisturizing product.

The properties of lanolin for beauty most important

Basically we can summarize below what are the qualities and properties that the lanolin provides for the most natural beauty:

  • It helps to moisturize the skin.
  • It is useful to protect the skin of the baby when diapers are used.
  • When moisturizing and moisturizing the skin, it is interesting in case of dry skin.

Therefore, lanolin is used especially in creams and lotions to moisturize the skin, in shaving creams and in soaps and detergents. But not only in this type of products, since it is also very useful in products to remove the makeup of the face or even in lipstick and cosmetic powders.

Where to find the lanolin for beauty?

It is usual to find it directly as an ingredient in many cosmetics or moisturizers, so its use is really simple: you only need to go to a herbalist, a pharmacy or a cosmetics store and buy a cream based on lanolin.

It is also possible to find it pure, being useful when preparing beauty recipes at home for soften the skin naturally. ThemesSkin