Natural phytocosmetics

Maybe it is a natural alternative that, in one way or another, you do not know properly with this name, but the truth is that it is a technique that has been used for a long time.

Receives the name of phytocosmetic, and it is a word derived from the Greek "kosmein" (decorate) and "phytos" (plant), and consists of the use of active ingredients of vegetable origin in cosmetic products.

Of course, it is well known that this type of natural products are not used only to decorate us, but they can also solve different specific alterations of the skin.

Phytocosmetics: a very natural alternative to cosmetics

The different and very diverse plant botanical extracts have been very common ingredients in the products of beauty oldest Not in vain, this is shown by the pharmacopoeias of Africa, China, Europe and America.

The botanical ingredients were combined with other compounds with one objective: to look for a synergistic effect. Although it is also true that they combined to preserve the secret of the active principle they contained.

At this point we must indicate that, in the area of ​​cosmetics, the botanical extract is called active principle, which can be formed by hundreds of chemical structures.

For example, in the pharmaceutical industry it is essential to know these structures to be able to synthesize and purify them, although not always the active ingredients are found in all plants, since most of the time only the leaves or stems have a higher concentration.

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