Purification of the kidneys: How to purify the kidneys?

The kidneys, same as him liver, are of the primary organs at the time of clean the organism, helping the body in the elimination of toxins and in the own depuration in itself, so that purifying the kidneys at least once a year is a highly recommended practice.

The blood circulates several times a day through them, and in this way they filter the useful substances that are returned to the blood, and leave the useless so that they can be subsequently eliminated.

However, you should avoid Exaggerated alcohol consumption and salt, as well as the frequent consumption of antibiotics, as they damage the kidneys over the years.

And when the kidneys are damaged, they can not filter properly and eliminate, therefore, the different substances toxic to the body.

Guidelines for purifying the kidneys

The kidneys They may be refined, at least, once a year, and the most advisable at first is to try to avoid those foods that -we know- are harmful to them.

We must avoid in the first place, for example, the excess of salt, proteins, foods with acid residues (such as lentils, nuts, coffee, alcohol, plums or blueberries), foods with high purine content (sardines, herring, veiras , anchovies, sausages, legumes and organ meats) and those foods with high potassium content (spinach, celery, sweet potato, chicory, orange, cabbage and potato).

Of course, there are a number of vital tips that can be of great help when it comes to purifying the kidneys:

  • Take 2 to 3 liters of water daily.
  • Eat diuretic foods, as for example the asparagus (that force the diuresis), pineapple, artichoke, watercress, broccoli or onion, to name just a few examples.
  • Drink tea and diuretic infusions also help in the purification of the kidneys. For example, parsley, dandelion, the anise, the mistletoe and the red arenaria.
  • Take into account eating fruits and vegetables, as well as vegetables (except for those already mentioned), highlighting the consumption of those foods that leave an alkaline residue, such as chestnuts, milk, the almond, and the beet.
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