Recommendations for the school tupper

Take food to school in a tupper More and more it is becoming a very common option among many moms, due above all to the fact that saving has become a great priority for the vast majority of families.

The main reason? The exorbitant prices of the dining rooms, so that the tupper is an important saving for many families, regardless of whether the child is enrolled in a public school or arranged (the monthly savings ranges between 55 and 120 euros approximately).

However, with the increase in tuppers at school It is possible that certain nutritional imbalances may occur in the small ones, and may increase the cases of food poisoning. That is why it is vital that many mothers worry about two fundamental parameters: food safety and the nutritional balance in relation to the foods or meals that we included in the tuppers.

Increase the food security of the tuppers

With the use of tuppers at school it is possible that the risk of food poisoning increases. Hence, it is essential that the mother meets minimum food safety conditions:

  • Raw and cooked foods: to avoid cross contamination it is vital that raw and cooked foods are separated. For example, if the mother chooses a potato omelette and a salad, the best option is to separate both meals into two tuppers.
  • Ready meals: it is not advisable that a prepared dish remains in the refrigerator for more than 48 hours. Hence, the planning of the weekly menu is fundamental.
  • How should the tupper be?: it is important that the tupper is an airtight container, that it can close well and can not enter air. In addition, it must be as strong as possible.
  • Recommendations at school: the school must guarantee that the children can heat the food (in the microwave or in the oven) and at the same time there is a good refrigeration of the food.

What foods to include in the school tupper?

Considering that we should look for the nutritional balance, if you have doubts about what food or dishes to include every day in the tupper, a good option is that you try to get the school's school menu, prepared by nutritionists, as it will help you to know what dishes you can include.

Basically both the fruit (as dessert), and the vegetables They are ideal (as garnish and first course), betting on the second courses with the meats, blue Fish, birds Y eggs.

In relation to which cooking methods to choose, the best ones are steamed and grilled, avoiding especially fried ones.

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