Sea urchins: benefits and properties

Although every time it is becoming a wider gap in many kitchens and there are already many people who consume it regularly, even today it is very common that in reality there are few who dare to try it.

The sea ​​urchin is a food that belongs to the family of echinoderms, known by the name Paracentrotus lividus. It is characterized by having mobile spines, and with an ambulacral skin that helps it move along the seabed.

At the moment in countries like Spain there is no gastronomic tradition related to this food (if we compare it with other seafood), but for example in Catalonia it does tend to be very well valued.

Regarding the best season of the sea urchins, it is possible to find them in the market and in the fishmongers during the whole year, although their best season goes from the month of November to the month of April.

Nutritional properties of the sea urchin

Sea urchins stand out from a nutritional point of view because of their high content of good quality proteins, thus providing the majority of essential amino acids.

Its fat content and therefore its caloric value is really low, so that 1 kilogram of sea urchins provide only 68.7 kilocalories and only 0.3 grams of fat.

It also provides minerals (iodine, iron and phosphorus mainly), and in what refers to its content in vitamins we can highlight above all the presence of vitamin A.

Benefits of the sea urchin

Due to its high protein content of good quality, its consumption is very interesting in athletes, thus becoming an ideal food for the development of muscles. While for its low fat and caloric content, it is interesting in slimming diets.

It also provides a good amount of iron, so it helps prevent or treat iron deficiency anemia. It is very rich in iodine, so it helps to prevent hypothyroidism (precisely because of this, its use is not advised in case of hyperthyroidism).

It helps lower blood pressure, while it is useful to maintain good health in the skin and to take care of the vision.

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