Seasonal nuts

Although it is true that each dried fruit is different in terms of benefits, properties and nutritional contribution (ie, content in essential nutrients), we can establish some specific qualities: the vast majority are rich in healthy fats, which helps lower high cholesterol levels and are useful for preventing cardiovascular diseases; They also provide vitamins, especially B vitamins, which are essential for our nervous system. And although it has always been believed that they contribute a lot of fat and fat, a recent scientific study has not only shown that most of their fats are healthy, but also are suitable for weight loss.

In the particular case of nuts, as regards the seasonal food calendar, practically the same thing happens with fruits and vegetables: although there is a specific period of time in which these foods have better nutritional properties As organoleptic, the reality is that it is possible to find them all year round in supermarkets, due to extensive cultivation and production.

Be that as it may, in our particular case we always recommend consume seasonal foods, mainly because they are in their freshest version, have a better quality and we can also make the most of their nutritional properties. Then we summarize what is the season of nuts, which means that you will find these foods at their best if you consume them in the months indicated. Take note and enjoy them, as well as being healthy they are delicious!

Calendar of seasonal nuts

Almonds         Watch
Hazelnuts         Watch
Chestnuts        Watch
Prunes         Watch
Nuts        Watch
Raisins         Watch
Pipes         Watch
Pistachios         Watch

Discover the best season of your favorite foods:

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