Serum for home and natural diarrhea: how to do it at home easily

The diarrhea It is considered as a alteration of the intestines characterized by greater fluidity, frequency and volume of bowel movements. That is to say, it supposes an increase in the frequency of the depositions, being of more than three or four a day. In turn, this increase is accompanied by a decrease in its consistency, becoming especially liquid.

The main cause that causes the appearance of diarrhea in both adults and children is due to an infectious process acquired from a food poisoning, as well as the infection by certain viruses. Between these stomach virus We can mention the main causes of stomach flu, as is the case of astrovirus, enteric adenovirus, rotavirus and norovirus. In most cases these viruses are found in contaminated food or drinking water, and are especially characterized by their ease of infection.

However, there are also other related causes that cause the appearance of diarrhea. For example, different Inflammatory bowel diseases (as is the case of irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn's disease), the insufficiency of the pancreas or certain emotional tensions that cause anxiety and stress.

What are the symptoms of diarrhea?

Evidently, the first characteristic symptom is the increase in the number of stools as well as the decrease in consistency. This increase supposes that the affected person tends to evacuate to the bathroom and make more than 3 stools a day, and in what refers to the decrease of its consistency is because mainly these stools are mostly liquid or very soft.

When there is diarrhea it is also common to be accompanied by other related symptoms, such as: low-grade fever or fever, sickness, vomiting, abdominal pain of colic type e food intolerance. The usual shaking chills, the Muscle pain and certain excessive sweating.

What should I eat if I have diarrhea?

In case of diarrhea it is fundamental drink plenty of fluids, always taking them in small quantities and giving many sips throughout the day. In this way we will provide fluids and hydrate our body correctly. In this sense, you can choose water with lemon juice, infusions, rice water and carrot water.

The rice water It is probably one of the best known traditional remedies, probably because its astringent qualities are useful to alleviate and reduce diarrhea thanks to its starch content, helping in turn to normalize intestinal transit. To prepare it is as simple as

How to make homemade serum to provide fluids to our body after diarrhea

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 liter of natural mineral water
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • Half a teaspoon of salt
  • Half a teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 cup of lemon juice

Preparation of home serum:

Put the liter of water in a glass jar. Add the sugar, salt and baking soda in the amounts indicated. Then part a lemon in half, squeeze it to get its juice and finally add it to the jar. To finish, stir it all with the help of a long wooden spoon.

This homemade serum can be reserved in the fridge, and go sipping it sip to sip throughout the day. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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