Tea tree oil (tea tree oil)

We know, especially from a previous article, that the Tea tree It is well known in the world, especially because, from it, the tea leaves are obtained, one of the healthy drinks most known worldwide, in practically the entire planet.

Not in vain, at other times we have been able to learn about the relationship between tea and health, discovering even -for example- some of the benefits of green tea, the secrets of pu-erh red tea, or benefits of black tea and the White tea.

But this time in particular, we are going to deal with an essential oil that can be equally extremely beneficial to our health, and that, in particular, can be a great ally for beauty and skin care: the tea tree oil.

Do you want to discover some of its most curious and interesting secrets? Here is a magical journey through the relationship between tea tree oil, health and skin.

Tea tree oil (tea tree oil)

The oil of the tea tree is formed by a mixture of volatile organic compounds that, according to both scientific and medicinal evidence, is beneficial for the health of the skin, and is even capable of acting against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Some scientific studies carried out years ago, have been able to demonstrate that the effectiveness of tea tree oil for health is so high, that it is even effective in relatively low concentrations, such as for example 1 to 2%.

In addition, as we will see in a future article, the components of the tea tree oil have different inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Tea tree oil in the market

Such has been the importance that has been acquired over the years tea tree oil, which currently can be found in dozens of products on the market, as well as in specialized beauty and cosmetics stores.

In particular, there is a wide range of personal hygiene products that, as a main ingredient, possess this essential oil, as well as other toning, refreshing or purifying plants, beneficial for the prevention and health of the skin.

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