The benefits of making love with health and its risks

Maintaining sexual relations is one of the healthiest, most intimate and optimal activities that the social human can develop and that exists in relationships between couples.

The sex, and above all to maintain an active sexual life, strengthens the relationship by forming a better communication, union and trust among its members; thus having important physical and psychological connotations.

Making love will always generate many benefits and have positive consequences for both of them as long as there is a healthy relationship. In the same way, there are factors that can alter the good practice of sex; If you are not well educated, having sex can cause illness in the individual.

Sustaining and nurturing good health, in addition to regularly visiting a professional doctor in the area, is part of a good relationship as it contributes as a practice to prevent diseases; In addition to providing knowledge of different contraceptive methods and maintain open communication with the couple when deciding in relation to the object of lovemaking.

What benefits does it give us?

That is why, in the next segment we will present the most important benefits of making love.

Decreases stress and anxiety, and helps us sleep better

People who have active sex with their partners are less likely to suffer from stress or anxiety.

Making love decreases cortisol levels in the body-stress hormone- and leaves couples in a state of relaxation, especially when reaching orgasm where the segregation of dopamine is remarkably active.

Hormones such as oxytocin and melatonin are released when making love; these are responsible for sleep and help people sleep better.

It is the best analgesic

It is an excellent sexual therapy and increases self-esteem; improves the confidence and intimacy of couples and headaches disappears.

It is very good for the heart

During the start of the excitation process, the heart releases testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which protect the heart muscle, lower blood pressure and activate blood circulation.

Strengthens the defenses and is slimming

The constant practice of sex helps the body to create antibodies that help fight infections and colds.

In about 20 minutes of lovemaking, around 200 calories are burned; which makes it a good way to do exercises.

Improves the health of the skin

Thanks to the orgasm the skin is hydrated and blood circulation is stimulated.

It favors fertility

In the case of women, it helps to stabilize menstrual cycles and in the case of men, making love and ejaculating frequently increases their capacity for fertilization.

Other qualities

  • Maintain the desire: Sexual relationships help maintain balance in the levels of testosterone and estrogen that motivate the desire of couples.
  • Optimize memory: Thanks to the stimulation in the production of neurons that causes sex, some of the cognitive abilities such as memory are improved.
  • Protects against cancer: Studies show that making love decreases the risks of prostate and breast cancer.

In addition to all this, making love with the couple keeps love alive, improves communication, keeps them happy and increases life expectancy.

All these benefits lead couples to maintain a good relationship full of health and responsibility.

What are the risks of making love?

However, this practice becomes the opposite when there are secrets and diseases that harm the health of couples; Some of the most common risks when making love are:

Unwanted pregnancy

At the moment of making love and if the man or woman does not make adequate use of the most efficient contraceptive methods, the woman can become pregnant because even though she has the confidence to control the ejaculation, the male expulsion of seminal fluid present throughout the relationship contains loads of sperm.

Sexually transmitted diseases

If you do not maintain good health or a stable relationship with your partner, you run the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, which are difficult to cure and cause pain and discomfort to people. In addition, they can be transmitted to other people unnoticed, increasing the problems and risks.

Apart from other viruses such as HIV, it is found in vaginal fluid, semen and blood, and without the information or adequate protection can be contracted or even transmitted with just one intercourse.

Defective contraceptives

The use of broken or punctured condoms does not prevent people from becoming pregnant or suffering from STDs.Coupled with this risk character, pills and long-term contraceptive systems that are not adequately provided mean a risk that may develop undesirable situations.

It is important to maintain a good sexual education and to know in a wide sense the couple. Communication will help prevent uncomfortable and painful diseases and the use of condoms will prevent unwanted pregnancies. Not using condoms more than once, having sexual relations with a single stable partner and regularly visiting the doctor are factors that will eliminate these risks and promote a healthy and beneficial relationship.

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