The benefits of reflexotherapy to sleep better

The foot reflexology is a technique used for centuries by the cultures of Egypt and China and consists of soft massages that are applied on the sole of the foot and that contribute to improve the good state of health.

As we can see the feet do not only exercise the function of maintaining body weight and walking, also in the feet and especially in some areas of the sole of the foot there are areas called Reflection areas (nerve endings) which maintain a connection with the organs of the body.

The technique is carried out by applying a manual massage and in which exerts pressure on the reflex areas of the feet.

Perhaps you wonder how the connection with the organs of the body is possible and this occurs because in the soles of the feet there are nothing more and nothing less than 7,000 nerve endings and that they correspond to each organ and part of the body.

This technique is not only applied to relax the nervous system, it is also applied to alleviate and cure common ailments in order to procure a well-being in addition to good health.

Foot reflexology is an ideal technique to help us sleep better, since the gentle massage induces a sensation of relaxation as well as sensation of lightness and sensory pleasure.

This technique is ideal and also beneficial for all members of the family including children.

Learn about the benefits of reflexotherapy

  • Activates blood circulation.
  • Activates the immune system.
  • It helps to balance the function of different organs.
  • In treatments of digestive disorders.
  • It contributes in the elimination of toxins and to purify the organism.
  • In cases of arthritis.
  • To relax.
  • Achieve mental relaxation
  • To reduce fatigue states.
  • To relieve the feeling of heavy legs.
  • To reduce tensions in the neck.
  • To improve the quality of sleep.
  • To relieve stress
  • To improve and relieve contractures.

Although ideally, reflexology should be applied by specialist therapists, this technique can also be carried out by ourselves in order to relax at the end of the day and induce us to sleep well and rest better, ultimately to achieve a restful sleep.

How to prepare the environment to receive or give reflexotherapy at home

The environment in which the reflexotherapy will be carried out should be a harmonious and silent environment, it can help to listen to soft music.

Both the person who is going to receive the therapy and the one who is going to give the massage should put themselves in a position that provides them with comfort.

The person who is performing the therapy will observe the patient's reaction at all times since the visual contact between the two is important to exert more or less pressure, since in some sensitive areas pain can be felt.

The person giving the massage should ensure that the hand that is holding the foot should be well placed, as well as maintain the relaxed posture of hands, shoulders and arms.

The guidelines that we provide below can be used both for the person who is going to perform the massage and if you decide to do the technique yourself.

  1. We will sit so that we are comfortable and we will support the right foot on the left knee and then when finishing with one foot do the same with the other.
  2. With one hand we hold the foot and with the thumb we put pressure on the sole of the foot.
  3. The pressure that we exert should be constant, exerting a medium pressure accompanied by circular movements in a counter-clockwise direction.
  4. We massage in this way from the fingers to the heel, also massaging the fingers and the lateral parts of the foot.
  5. Once we have finished the massage on one foot we will repeat the same steps with the other foot.
  6. After the massage on both feet we will massage the areas that have been more sensitive or painful with the thumb.
  7. We will massage the area around where we get pain until we reach the area that hurts the most, if we notice a lot of pain, we will press gently and constantly on the entire sole of the foot, from the fingers to the heel.
  8. Then we will finish massaging the instep, ankle and foot.

Cases in which reflexotherapy is not advisable

The reflexoterapia as we have been able to verify is a totally natural treatment, even so there are situations in which it is not advisable to receive this technique.

  • In cases of acute infections.
  • Heart disease.
  • In cases of having suffered from angina.
  • In cases of having suffered a myocardial infarction.
  • In cases of osteoporosis in the legs or feet.
  • In the acute processes of fever.
  • In cases of pregnancy.
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