Vitamin supplements for bones

Some time ago we asked ourselves a question that surely you have asked yourself at some point: if originally the different Vitamin supplements are necessary, discovering that there are certain stages or conditions in which it can be useful to take them: young people in stages of growth, people or athletes who perform intense physical activity, situations of high energy consumption, people who follow a diet, people with anemia and in certain situations of convalescence or illness.

When it's time to enjoy strong bones It is essential from the start to follow a healthy and adequate food, based on the consumption of foods rich in vitamin D and calcium, in addition to practicing proper physical exercise.

In this sense, surely that at some point you have asked yourself if the vitamin supplements for bones they are really necessary, and at what stages it is advisable or not to consume them.

It is true that, as we already knew in our special note about Natural supplements for osteoporosis, taking into account that it is characterized by a decrease in bone mass and its mechanical resistance, which predisposes to fractures, it is clear that when the woman reaches this stage ask your doctor about the benefits of taking Calcium supplements combined with vitamin D.

Calcium supplements combined with vitamin D

The consumption of calcium supplements with vitamin D is associated with a increase in bone density, reducing the rate of bone loss, so that it becomes a very interesting protection against fractures.

We must bear in mind that the recommended daily dose of vitamin D is 1,000 to 2,000 IU (International Units), while the recommended dose of calcium is between 1,000 and 1,500 mg. up to date.

Magnesium supplements

Although it is a mineral beneficial for bones but not as well known as calcium, the reality is that Magnesium supplements help prevent and treat osteoporosis.

They are necessary because women with osteoporosis tend to suffer from a magnesium deficiency, so they have a lower content of this mineral in the bones.

Regarding the recommended daily dose of magnesium, it is between 250 to 400 mg. up to date.

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