Chinese herbs and plants for health

In the wide natural and traditional pharmacy that Chinese medicine has bequeathed to us, there is a group of Chinese plants that have become one of the most precious.

What constitutes the category of Chinese herbs, known as bu yao, or tonic remedies, which are considered by the Chinese as "superior herbs".

One of the basic ideas of the Chinese traditional medicine is to learn to keep the body healthy, prevent disease, prolong life and strengthen vitality.

These herbs have an important activity as stimulants of the glands and of the vital organs, strengthening at the same time the three basic systems that depend more on the secretions of vital essence: the cerebral activity, the immunity ( increase defenses) and sexual potency.

Types of Chinese plants and herbs

  • Ren shen: It is known as ren shen, but in the West we know it as ginseng. It is ideal to replenish energy, strengthen immunity, increase blood supply to the brain, retard aging and combat weakness.
  • Shi Chuang Dzu: It is a tonic considered as Yang, which stimulates and boosts the energy of the kidneys while being very effective for male and female sexual insufficiency.
  • Shou Di HuangHelps to purify and nourish the blood, stimulating hormonal secretions and promoting renal activity, while toning the small and large intestines.
  • Gou Ji Dzu: Improves the quality of both semen and blood, and is a tonic for longevity. It is a good calming of the nervous system and heart, and strengthens both the back and the knees, at the same time that reinforces the treatment of diabetes and helps against impotence.
  • Du Jung: Lowers blood pressure and strengthens both the liver and kidneys, relieving back pain. It helps to calm the baby during pregnancy and to prevent spontaneous abortions. Like ren shen, it is a sexual tonic for men.
  • Dang Gui: Encourages circulation by toning the spleen, liver and blood. In women it corrects menstrual disorders, while it is a good sedative for nervous tension, strengthening muscular resistance.
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Chinese Herbal Medicine Introduction by Dr. Feng Liang (July 2024)