World Heart Day 2018, September 29

Every September 29th the world is celebrated World Day of Heart, specifically since the year 2000, when the World Heart Federation with the support of the World Health Organization and UNESCO designated September 29, 2000 as the first World Heart Day, the first day that was held in all the world, in a coordinated way among all countries.

The objective is very clear: have the opportunity to massively disclose not only heart disease (or cardiovascular diseases), but how to prevent them and also the medical treatment that is usually followed.

To this end, in collaboration with WHO, the World Health Federation organizes in more than 100 different countries and different events in order to make conscience about cardiovascular diseases, since every year conditions such as stroke or myocardial infarction take 17.1 million lives worldwide.

About the celebrations that take place during this day, each year they deal with a specific topic. For example, in 2007 the title was "United for a healthy heart", while in 2013 it was "Take the road to a healthy heart".

It is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to know how to avoid heart disease, healthy and adopting healthy lifestyles, become aware of it and discover in turn how they can be treated from a point of view. medical view when these already appear.

World Heart Day 2018

This year you can participate in the conference by publicly showing your heart-healthy choices, sending photographs of those aspects of your environment that are healthy for the heart, and that allow you to take care of it in the healthiest way possible. And also which ones are not.

To do this, you can upload these pictures to your Twitter profile, and share them with the rest of the community with the hashtags #heartchoices and #diamundialdelcorazon, and also with the @cuidarcorazon page.

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And finally, we leave you with the video of the campaign of the World Heart Day 2018:

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Care your Heart with heart | WORLD HEART DAY - September 29 (January 2022)