3 juice recipes for irritable bowel

The bowels they are the tubular visceral part of our digestive system, which extend from the stomach to the anus. We find them in the abdominal cavity, and they are divided into small intestine and the large intestine. Among other functions, we can say that the intestines are fundamental for our body because they are extracted different and different nutrients from food that we consume every day through daily food.

As regards the different diseases and disorders that can affect the intestines, we can highlight two of them: the one known as inflammatory bowel disease, which is characterized by inflammation of the intestine, which causes the lining of the intestinal wall to become red and swollen. And the one known as irritable colon, which alternates with periods of constipation and diarrhea, and is characterized precisely by having acute episodes and being chronic.

At the time of relieve irritable bowel there are some useful tips that can be very helpful: follow a soft diet that does not overload the stomach, avoid eating before going to bed and always chew food very well, away from stress and anxiety, choose soothing infusions and healing as for example is the case of the infusion of chamomile and mint, and perform massages with chamomile essential oil to relieve pain and relax the stomach.

Among the most suitable fruits to consume when suffering from irritable bowel are the apples and the pears, as well as vegetables such as carrots. They are characterized by being soft foods for your stomach, which provide interesting amounts of both vitamin C and vitamins of group B. This time we propose 3 delicious juice recipes ideal for irritable bowel.

1. Apple juice

To make this juice you only need 1 apple and a half glass of water without weak mineralization gas. Wash the apple well and peel it with the help of a knife, removing its skin.

Cut it into square pieces and liquefy them well. Then add the glass of water and mix well with the help of a wooden spoon.

2. Pear juice

To make this juice you need 1 pear and a half glass of water without weak mineralization gas. To prepare it you must follow the same steps indicated in the previous recipe: first wash the pear well, remove its skin with the help of a knife and cut it into pieces.

Put the pieces in the glass of the blender and mix well until the whole pear is crushed. Add to a glass and add the mineral water, mixing well with a spoon.

3. Carrot juice

The carrot is characterized by being another of the most beneficial foods when it comes to relieving irritable bowel syndrome. To make the juice you need half a carrot and half a glass of water without weak mineralization gas.

To make it, wash the carrot well and cut it in half. Remove the skin, cut it into slices and blend well with the help of a blender. Finally serve in a glass, mixing with the indicated amount of water.

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