6 reasons why you should let the person you want go

The disenchantment it is a process that can last weeks, months and even years. With the passage of time, it is increasingly common that the person we love and respect so much, loses interest in us. There is no need to make a drama of this. It is not necessary to look for the guilty in victims in this painful situation.

Given this, the best thing to do is to "cut to the bone" and realize that it does not make sense to continue with an empty relationship and lacking in love and affection for both parties. And for this, many times we must pay attention to the signals that our partner leaves us through all that time.

He lies to you and he betrays you

The lie It is one of the first steps that can indicate that something is not right in the relationship. It is used to avoid situations that the person in question wants to avoid. Especially with those that have to do with third parties that have met in the same period of the relationship.

If you discover it for yourself, it is in your hand to decide what to do. But once they have betrayed and lied to you in a premeditated way, the trust will be on the floor and that will lead to the relationship going down sooner rather than later.

I blame you for the situation

There are many people who, far from taking some responsibility and cut corners, prefer to blame the other party (you) on the situation. "That if you do not treat me the same "," The relationship has become monotonous "," You do not give me what I want ...”.

This can become the typical excuses of the dejador. Sometimes there is no choice but to do self-criticism, but a relationship is always something of two people. And therefore, victimhood should not be abused when cutting off any relationship.

Cortarta your personality

Any healthy relationship worth its salt should not restrict the personality of either party. Love is not about praising the virtues of the other person. But also to accept their shortcomings and understand that they will always be there throughout the entire relationship.

No one is perfect by nature and therefore it is not good for the other person to coerce you and try to conform to your full whim. Otherwise, it will be a bad sign that he does not really love you.

They do not make efforts to maintain the relationship

The truth is that this has become a very characteristic pattern before breaking the relationship. The questioner in question leaves (obviously) to have an interest in us. He has not the slightest interest in making an effort so that everything continues to flow like the first day.

It is very normal that this initial "passion" is not the same. But any self-respecting couple relationship is a matter of two and therefore both parties must always row in the same direction.

You stop being the priority to be one more option

There are many losers who, before cutting themselves off, prefer to leave their partner as a "more option" until the flame is revived or they find "someone better".

It is what is known as the liana effect. And as its name indicates, it is to find a person that is more to your liking and therefore they do not leave you until they have "caught" the new acquisition. By way of summary, it can be said that you are like a treasure, unique and unequaled in the world. And for that reason, it is not worth spending your energies on people who do not really appreciate you.

It separates you from your group of friends and family

This is another of the most common practices within the deretros. As you have ceased to be a priority, they stop making plans with you and their closest relatives and friends.

Nor is it necessary to be together and see each other 24 hours a day because that is not healthy. But that does not mean that from time to time the two parties want to see each other and share moments and experiences together. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

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