Benefits and properties of the Paraguayan

The Paraguayan It is a mixture of peach and we could even say that it is sister of this one, it is original of China from where it began to extend towards Spain.

Its cultivation is limited in the more temperate zones of Spain being produced and in charge of the cultivation by the zones of Murcia and Lérida.

The characteristics of the Paraguayan are very common with those of peach with which it shares genes, because its velvety skin, its colors, its flattened shape and its sweet taste are very attractive.

Benefits of the Paraguayan

The harvest of this fruit begins in the month of May and extends until the month of September, need a lot of salt, limestone-free soils and of course plenty of water for harvesting.

Its properties are very important because it is anticancer Y antioxidant and contains carotenes, a characteristic substance is many fruits and highly recommended in stomach problems.

Consuming Paraguayans sometimes helps to prevent nervousness states or anxiety aside from protecting the state of the teeth, eyes and skin.

Nutritional information of the Paraguayan


45 kcal.


0.6 g.


11.7 g.

Total fat

0.2 g.


12 g.



Vitamin A

880 IU


9 mg.

Vitamin B1

0.02 mg.


10 mg.

Vitamin B2

0.05 mg.


19 mg.

Vitamin C

7 mg.


160 mg.

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