Blepharoplasty: to eliminate the fat bags of the eyelids

A few days ago, our colleagues at Naturbelleza gave us some tips and tricks for remove eye bags, essential for all those people who want to eliminate the annoying bags of the eyes.

Specifically with this article, it became clear that it is vital to protect and take care of the health of the eyes not only internally, but also externally.

Wearing sunglasses so that the sun's rays do not harm us, resting our eyes from time to time, or not spending so much time in front of the computer or the television are basic tips that all those who wish to have good visual health should follow.

But it is also possible eliminate the bags of fat and the excess of skin of the eyelids with the aim of rejuvenating the face, eliminating also the classic aspect of tired look.

Blepharoplasty: to eliminate the fat bags of the eyelids

All this is achieved thanks to a technique called Blepharoplasty, consisting of making incisions in the skin of the eyelids to eliminate and release excess skin, tensing the orbicular muscle.

Then, the fat is extracted in the proper amount, in order to eliminate the palpebral bags. Although, according to the specialist's opinion, it can also be repositioned on the lower osseous margin of the orbit, thereby improving the projection of the cheek.

Generally, the most frequent interventions are carried out in the lower, upper eyelids, in both areas or in combination with other operations of facial surgery.

Of course, after the intervention, an ophthalmic ointment and some dressings with very cold physiological saline are applied, to reduce discomfort and inflammation, and it is not necessary to cover the eyes.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty): What You Need to Know from a Johns Hopkins Expert (July 2024)