Conspiracy theories that will change your perception of the world

We have always believed everything that came in the history books was a kind of irrefutable truth. However, over the years and the rise of the internet in general, many independent theories have emerged that ensure that many of the events that have occurred in recent centuries have been able to be handled in a substantial manner.

If this were true, the truth that the world we live in would change radically. Even the foundations of human civilization could be shaken if the reality of them is scientifically proven.

In one way or another, the best thing about these cases is to remain skeptical until further notice. Although that does not mean that some of these theories are the most curious:

The trip to the Moon was mere fiction

This is one of the conspiracy theories that has become more relevant in recent years. Numerous scholars of the subject assure that the landing on the moon was pure fiction, as if it were a Hollywood movie.

To reach this conclusion they based on the snapshots of David Percy (photographed designated for this operation) where they could check many incongruities that showed that everything was a farce.

Among these, it is worth highlighting the shadows of the astronauts themselves that are seen in many snapshots do not seem to be entirely real if we consider that they were taken from the moon. Likewise, you can also see how in many photos the flag of the US flag when in millennia in this asteroid does not run even a dash of air. True or not, the truth that this theory gives you to think a lot ...

The 11-S could be a false flag attack

Around eight in the morning of the day September 11, 2001 Two Boeing 767 of the American Airlines company collided against the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Millions of people around the world were witnesses through their televisions as one of the most powerful nations of that time like the US, was attacked by a terrorist organization led by Bin Laden.

However, many investigators assure that this attack was meticulously prepared by high American spheres. In fact, the high banking positions of the Twin Towers did not go that day to their respective jobs. It seemed that they already knew in advance that this atrocious event was going to happen.

And how could this be possible? It seemed that there were strong economic interests in the collapse of the Twin Towers and that Bin Laden had strong financial ties with the president at that time. George W. Bush. If these assumptions are confirmed, the truth that even world peace could be compromised.

Elvis Presley could stay alive

It can be said without hesitation that Elvis Presley He was one of the pop and rock singers with the greatest impact in the world during the decade of 50-60. There was no person to handle the microphone, the guitar and the pelvis like him.

However, the life of the commonly known as "King of Pop" was also marked by the abuse of alcohol and drugs, a fact that led to an untimely death at only 42 years of age. Although many "conspiranoicos" maintain that Elvis Presley lived much longer than the official autobiographies say.

They even argue that the body exposed in the chapel of Graceland belonged in truth to his brother Jesse Garon. Moreover, numerous anonymous sources claim to have seen Elvis Presley with airline tickets under the name of John Burrows only two hours after his death.

The alternative society of reptilians

Those known as " blue blood"They could be considered as a society that lives in a subordinate way with the rest of the humans. As its name suggests, could have the same shape as any reptile but with a much more advanced intelligence and mentality.

This theory is based on the fact that all the civilizations of the modern or ancient world have alluded to these supposed "reptilians" through numerous artistic references such as the hieroglyphics of the pyramids of Egypt, the Paleolithic rock paintings or the impressive statues collected in the Mayan ruins of Mexico at Chichen Itza.

If we take this theory as true, the truth that is most curious to think that they could give so many points in common in cultures and times so different from each other. But well, meanwhile, it only remains to hope that these beings of dubious existence make an appearance to see if they are real or are simply the result of fiction and stories of meaningless fear.

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