Flu or cold?

With the arrival of the autumn and winter seasons, bad weather is one of the highlights of these beautiful seasons of the year, just after a few warm months and good weather.

With the change of season, it is common that many people suffer a decline in their defenses, which is why it is useful to know how we can increase defenses.

The same happens with the change of schedule, and with the decrease in hours of light, which also affects negatively in many people, causing even the appearance of the so-called autumnal asthenia (or depression in autumn).

For all these reasons, it is common for many people to aggravate or resent themselves, and to question whether we are facing a flu or cold. What are the differences between the two?

Symptoms of the flu

  • It appears suddenly.
  • High fever appears.
  • The level of exhaustion of the person tends to be severe.
  • Dry cough may appear.
  • The throat and head usually hurt.
  • The person may suffer a loss of appetite.
  • Because of the fever and the discomfort itself, the person suffers chills, and the joints and muscles hurt.

Symptoms of colds

  • The cold usually appears slowly.
  • The person may have a mild fever or simply not have it.
  • The level of exhaustion is usually mild.
  • The cough tends to be rough or severe.
  • The throat is usually not inflamed and does not hurt
  • There is no headache.
  • The appetite tends to be normal.
  • Chills may appear.
  • Muscles and joints do not hurt.

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Flu vs. Cold- What's the Difference? (April 2024)