Green tea for hair: benefits and how to use it

Among some of the most interesting remedies for the hair care, especially in times of cold and wind that always tend to spoil it, highlights the use of green tea for hair care.

Not in vain, green tea has been incorporated little by little in the different formulas of beauty and personal care products. So much so that green tea has now become a substance that, in itself, is practically indispensable.

As has been known for some time now, various studies and research have shown that the Green Tea has properties antioxidants, purifying and rejuvenating that help prolong the feeling of well-being.

We have already dealt with some of the benefits previously and properties of green tea, although this time we will know its benefits clearly related to beauty.

For example, green tea is indicated to keep the scalp in good condition, while, for example, in case of fatty hairs, beauty experts recommend pouring a cup of warm tea on the hair during the final rinse.

If you do a test, you will see how-little by little-the health of your hair will improve more and more, which will be shining, bright, and above all very careful. ThemesTea

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