Green tea to lose weight

As we explained to you at a previous moment, it was in the year 1211 when the Buddhist monk Eisei wrote that "tea has an extraordinary power to prolong life". He did it in his book Maintain health by drinking tea, and he was right when he stated such an assertion about the Green Tea.

Mainly because there is no doubt about the many properties of green tea, since it helps, for example, to lower high cholesterol levels, to prevent cancer, and even to prevent fat from accumulating in our liver as well as in our own organism.

For this reason it is indicated that the Green Tea help to lose weight. In this sense, and specifically to favor this virtue, how many cups a day should we take?

Green tea to lose weight

It is known scientifically, thanks to various studies that have been carried out over the years, that green tea is capable of activating the metabolism of fats.

Therefore, it helps positively when it comes to mobilizing the fats accumulated in our body, and above all to prevent it from accumulating every time we eat something.

At the same time, it cleanses the liver and facilitates, for example, the elimination of toxins and fats that have accumulated in this vital organ, a condition known as fatty liver.

If you want green tea to help you lose weight, it is best to consume at least 3 cups daily, especially fasting, after lunch and mid-afternoon (never later than 6).

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