Healthy Christmas meals and recipes: add tea to your dishes

As we have seen in previous articles, the Christmas, and with it the search for meals and Christmas recipes Typical of these parties that help us surprise our family or friends.

In previous days we were able to meet some Tips to enjoy a healthy Christmas, or we even knew how to avoid the typical Christmas excesses; But is there a way to make foods or recipes healthy Christmas?

There are many people who daily worry about their health, what they eat, and this is really positive, especially because they take care of their diet and diet. Something that can also extend to Christmas, a time when great bites and delicious dinners are a fundamental part of these parties.

Mainly we should not confuse the care and healthy eating with the worry or obsession taken to the extreme, since as we always indicated, a good homemade dessert or, for example in this case, the typical Christmas sweets or nougat do not hurt anyone. It is good to maintain control, but that this does not prevent us from enjoying every moment, and especially from this time.

Healthy tips for healthy Christmas meals and recipes

While we will extend this information in a next article, with recipes and meals designed especially to enjoy a healthy and healthy Christmas, then we are going to echo an advice that, in addition to delicious, can suppose us to make a series of meals and truly good recipes.

And is that, had you ever thought to incorporate tea to your dishes? Stuffed turkey, fish, salads, shrimp cocktail ... It does not matter what food we want to make for these parties, since the tea, as you can check in person if you wish, hit absolutely with everything.

In previous notes we have known some of the most important properties and benefits of White tea or the Green Tea, and when it comes to cooking, it is equally important to know the origin of each of the tea strands that we want to consume.

For the preparation of light dishes, for example, you can opt for green tea, although if we want to develop a more specialized kitchen, it is best to choose the black tea.

If on the contrary you want to use the tea as an exotic spice to spice up the preparation, we must bear in mind that your tea should be subjected to an infusion. In this way, we will be able to enhance its clear aromatic qualities and enjoy a unique flavor in each dish.