How to distinguish organic products from non-organic ones?

It is known by organic products to those foods that, in a concrete way, come from both agriculture and organic livestock, which are obtained by respecting the welfare of the animals and the environment in which it is produced, and chemical products are not used in its production or production.

These are the main advantages that the organic food unlike other food products that, although equally healthy or natural, have advantages such as their flavor (more intense and natural), or that tend to be more respectful with the environment.

Among the different organic foods that we can currently find in the market, they can be: fruits, vegetables, meats, bread and even healthy alcoholic beverages such as wine (as long as their consumption is moderate).

Even though the ecological production is regulated in our country since 1989, and each organic product must have a certain labeling, sometimes distinguish an ecological food from a non-ecological one It may not be as simple as one might actually think.

How to distinguish organic products?

The organic products or foods must above all be easily distinguished by their labeling, having to comply with the norms established in the Regulation (EEC) nÂș 2092/91, regulated in the European Union in the year 1991.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account that in our country each autonomous community presents its own distinctive logo. Although currently all these products have the mention of "organic" production, the initials ES (of Spain) and the initials of the autonomous community from which the product in question comes.

With this label, consumers will be able to identify if a certain product or food comes from ecological agriculture or livestock, with its obvious benefits and added advantages.

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