How to face and overcome fear of childbirth: 5 useful guidelines

The fear of childbirth is present in almost all women, especially in those women who have not yet been mothers and who are considering having a baby, or even when they are pregnant. However, in some cases that fear - logical and normal for the unknown - can become a real "phobia", which can cause pregnancy is not enjoyed and the imminent arrival of birth prevents it from developing normally.

In this sense, the fear that a woman can have regarding childbirth can be due to different and different causes: from the pain that can be felt once the birth has begun until it is afraid that it will be provoked.

The truth is that in many cases that fear or fear are unfounded, especially after having heard, read or known traumatic stories related to the moment of giving birth. It is more, in most of the occasions the appearance of this fear is usually motivated especially by fear of the unknown, which can also be linked to the fact of having known, heard or read negative situations and things directly related to childbirth.

Whether you are pregnant or not, and you have fear of childbirth, we discover you some useful and recommended guidelines that will help you overcome that fear and enjoy a more relaxed and serene delivery.

Tips and guidelines for not being afraid of childbirth

1. What really happens in a delivery room?

It's not good to hear truculent stories about childbirth. If you are afraid of him, the most appropriate is try to find out what really happens in a delivery room at the time it occurs. A useful option is to ask your midwife or gynecologist, who will help you discover what is most common that happens.

2. Take a childbirth preparation course

The courses of preparation to the childbirth are fundamental to confront this important moment with serenity, calm, and above all with as much information as possible.

On the other hand, there are also courses to enjoy a conscious pregnancy, that will give you the possibility of having all the information you need at any time. In addition, this type of courses are usually offered by midwives and will help you solve all the doubts that may arise at any time.

3. Avoid gruesome stories and just read positive information

Did you know that, in reality, Most women have normal and uncomplicated deliveries? However, it is usually more common to hear terrible stories or even certain situations tend to exaggerate. The result? Fear of childbirth is encouraged, especially in first-time moms.

Therefore, it is essential that always try to read positive information, that will help you increase confidence in your own physical and mental abilities, and will not generate unnecessary nervousness or anxiety.

4. Talk to your midwife and your gynecologist

What fears do you have? As we indicated in the first point, during your pregnancy the role of both your midwife and your gynecologist are fundamental. Thus, it is appropriate to talk to them about all your fears, since only they are the ones who will provide you with all the information you need at all times.

5. Trust your own body

It is very important that remember that your body is 'designed' to give birth. Therefore, it is vital that have confidence in your own body. Do not you know that nature is wise? This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesGiving birth

How To Have A Fearless Birth (May 2024)