How to make potatoes poor: delicious recipe

If the time to prepare dinner and you are at the usual crossroads of having little time to cook and few ingredients to cook, this may be your solution. Poor potatoes are very simple to prepare, but no less tasty.

For those who have an appetite to delight in this infallible classic of our kitchen, we will explain step by step the recipe of potatoes to the poor. And also for those who want to innovate a preparation with an extra touch to enjoy the popes to the poor in a different way.

The origin of potatoes poor

The potatoes to the poor (or popes to the poor), they stand out for being a typical dish of Spanish cuisine, consisting basically in the preparation and cooking of fried potatoes which have been previously cut into slices and served piled.

It is common to prepare fried potatoes accompanied by some typical foods, as is the case of green and red pepper cut into strips and equally fried. But it is also common to accompany other traditional elements, such as fried eggs, ham and sausages.

In any case, the truth is that the potato dish to the poor serves as a good base for a wide variety of recipes, which are precisely based on potatoes as the main ingredient.

How to make potatoes to the poor: classic recipe

Today's recipe is estimated for about four servings, so in each case you can adjust the quantities according to how many diners there are in your table.

For our poor potatoes we will use the simplest and most economical ingredients: potatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, vinegar, salt and olive oil.

The first step of our recipe will be to cut the vegetables, to have everything ready at the time of cooking. You will need 3 chopped julienne onions, one red pepper and one green pepper (both cut into strips), and 4 medium-sized peeled potatoes that you will cut into slices about 3 millimeters thick.

With everything ready we can start the preparation already. In a pan heat a little olive oil and poach the onions about five minutes. Then add the peppers and continue cooking another five minutes. Do not forget to salt the vegetables as you are incorporating them.

Once the vegetables are poached, on them we place the potatoes in slices, salt on top and cover the pan. We leave them for 15 minutes and you will see that they have been cooked perfectly thanks to the steam, which will not only preserve all its flavor but also make our dish healthier.

Once the potatoes are cooked, add 3 small garlic cloves and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Mix well all the preparation and serve hot.

As simple as that, you will have a very good dish or a strong side dish for red meats, chicken or fish.

Recipe of Patatas a lo pobre with eggs and ham (or chorizo)

If you want to add a touch of flavor to the traditional potatoes, the ham and the egg will be excellent additions. If you have left something in the fridge, do not stop trying this delicious variant of the recipe.

Can you imagine a dish of poor potatoes with a delicious slice of Iberian ham and some beautiful eggs at their right point, with all the yolk spilling on potatoes? ... What have we tempted you?

The main thing here is to cook the eggs correctly, as they should not be raw or cooked so that the yolk hardens. The trick is at the right temperature, which is 65 degrees. For this you will need a thermometer to measure the water when you are cooking them.

Once the water is at the indicated temperature you place the eggs and put the fire to a minimum. If it rises 65 degrees, you must run the pot of fire for a moment, and you control it so that it does not pass. In this way the cooking will take 40 minutes. Enough time to make the recipe for the poor potatoes.

When you have the dish ready, simply place slices of ham or pieces of chorizo, put the eggs on top of the potatoes and open them to let the yolk wash our saucer. And do not forget to have your camera handy, because you want your dish to be the envy of all your friends.