How to relieve the annoying throat itching

Probably there is no inconvenience so inconvenient and uncomfortable: the throat itching, which appears in the most unexpected moments and, above all, in the most inopportune moments (for example, just when it is dark and you go to bed, when you are speaking in public ...).

Although it is true that it can arise at any time, especially because we have treated air or talked a lot, is one of the first signs of a throat irritation, especially when it exists pharyngitis, laryngitis Y tonsillitis. In fact, when there is pharyngitis, it is very common to be accompanied not only by itching, but also by dryness and pain (which can be intense that prevents swallowing normally).

However, we can also mention other common causes that cause the appearance of annoying throat itching: existence of a certain dryness in the environment due to heating or air conditioning, talking too much or having consumed any drink or food that causes the appearance of irritation.

Natural tips to relieve throat itching

Gargling of water and salt

They are a very useful, easy and simple natural option to prepare and apply: gargle of water and salt. While on the one hand the warm water helps to hydrate and calm the itch, the salt is able to absorb water from the cells of the mucous membrane of the throat, reducing swelling.

To make it you just have to heat a glass of water a little, not too much, and add a teaspoon of sea salt. When the water is warm, gargle for 30 seconds each time before spitting the rinse. It is advisable to repeat the process 3 times a day.

Gargling water and baking soda

In addition to the gargles of warm water and sea salt, there is also another simple natural remedy that is very useful in alleviating throat itching: gargle water and baking soda. On this occasion, the sodium bicarbonate it's just as useful as salt because Helps relieve pain and itching.

To make this remedy you must follow the same steps that we indicated in the preparation of the gargles of warm water and salt: put water in a glass and heat a little. When the water is warm add a teaspoon of baking soda and mix well. Finally gargle for 30 seconds each time, repeating up to 3 times per day.

It is interesting to know that you can choose between gargling water and salt or gargling water and baking soda or alternating them, but never exceeding 3 times per day at most, otherwise you will only get the throat irritated even more .

Juice of warm lemon and honey

We are probably facing another of the most popular and traditional remedies that exist when there is discomfort or pain in the throat. Honey helps "lubricate" and soften the throat, while the lemon juice acts as an antiseptic and antibiotic.

You just have to squeeze a lemon and reserve your juice. Heat it a little and reserve until it is warm. Then add a teaspoon of honey, mixing well with the help of a spoon. Take it slowly, slowly.

Herbal candies

The herbal candies, as for example is the case of the popular Swiss herb candies, they are also excellent when it comes to reducing discomfort caused by throat itching. At this point, when you notice that the throat is dry and you start to itch, just suck a Swiss candy, never chew it. Yes, eucalyptus candies are not recommended in these cases.

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