How to remove odors from the microwave easily

The microwave is one of the appliances that has become essential in most homes today. This appliance is used both for cooking and heating and also for defrosting food. Some microwaves also incorporate the "grill" function.

To avoid that when we are heating the food or cooking a recipe, the microwaves are stained with a lid. Although we take precautions to avoid as much as possible that the microwave gets dirty, it is inevitable that traces of odor remain from some food we cook.

Every time we finish using the microwave, we must clean it to avoid sticking food residues to the walls of the microwave.

Tips to eliminate odors from the microwave

If you habitually use the microwave, you probably already have noticed how easy it is for it to accumulate many odors from the different and different foods and drinks that we heat (or thaw). Sometimes, even, it can even be annoying, especially if we do not usually clean it in depth every so often.

However remove odors from the microwave and having it ready for the next use is very easy. How? Very simple: you just need extract the juice of a lemon and pour it into a glass or a small glass bowl.

Next we introduce the glass with the juice of the lemon in the microwave and we make it work during 5 minutes applying him the maximum power.

We introduce the glass into the microwave and put it to work for a few minutes with 3 or 4 minutes will be sufficient and with maximum power. We open the door of the microwave and taking care not to get burned we remove the glass from the microwave.

This operation can be done every time we cook or heat so we will always have the microwave free of odors.

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Removing Odors from the Microwave NATURALLY (July 2022)