Is it dangerous to use deodorants with aluminum? Your health risks

The deodorants they have become, almost without any doubt, an indispensable hygienic tool when it comes to preventing, reducing or avoiding the bad smell of the armpits, which arises especially when excessive sweating gives way to an accumulation of bacteria, which ultimately are the main culprits that appear that annoying bad smell. But far from what many people think, the truth is that this bad smell is not due to bad or incorrect hygiene, but may have a direct relationship with glandular or hormonal factors.

In any case, in recent years the concern of many consumers has increased in relation to one of the active ingredients found in the composition of most deodorants that we can buy today in supermarkets: the presence of aluminum.

And, above all, its possible health risks when some scientific studies have appeared that would relate the use of this type of deodorants with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Why is aluminum used in deodorants?

For several years certain aluminum compounds have been used in deodorants, especially in antiperspirants, and are used as an active ingredient, since form a temporary cover of the sweat ducts, preventing sweat from flowing to the surface of the skin.

These aluminum compounds can be found in the composition of many antiperspirant deodorants that are still sold today. And we can also find it in its most dangerous form: aluminum hydrochloride.

What are your health risks?

Some scientific studies have related the use of deodorants that have aluminum compounds with breast cancer, considering that this type of compounds (as for example is the case of aluminum hydrochloride, the most common in the composition of antiperspirants) can contribute to the formation of breast cancer.

The mechanism that would trigger this formation would be the following: it is common for deodorants to be used frequently and applied to the skin near the breast, being able to be absorbed by the skin and causing hormonal effects similar to those of estrogen, which has the capacity to encourage the growth of breast cancer cells.

On the other hand, it is believed, shaving the armpits and then use some antiperspirant with aluminum would increase the risk, since these compounds could be absorbed more quickly and easily by the skin through the small wounds that are usually formed.

In 2003, the results of a study that examined the frequency among 437 breast cancer survivors of underarm shaving and used deodorants or antiperspirants were published. It was observed that the age of diagnosis of cancer of ceno was significantly lower among those women who used this type of products and also shaved the armpits with greater frequency.

Studies regarding the use of antiperspirants and deodorants with aluminum and the increased risk of breast cancer have not been conclusive, providing conflicting results. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out more research. However, the use of aluminum hydrochloride is increasingly related to breast cancer and DNA alteration, so that the most advisable thing is to try to avoid the use of this type of products that contain aluminum-based ingredients.

How to know if your deodorant has aluminum?

You just have to look at the ingredient label of your usual deodorant, or the one you're going to buy, and try to find any compound that says " aluminum" The most usual thing is that you identify it easily under the name " aluminum chlorohydrate”.

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