JK Rowling, an example of self-improvement for millions of women around the world

The story of J. K. Rowling, known especially for being the author of the work of Harry Potter, is full of all kinds of dark moments.

Although thanks to his penchant for writing, he was never daunted to launch one of the most prolific sagas of the young novel.

Its success was such that today it has managed to sell more than 300 million units worldwide and the work of Harry Potter has been translated into more than 64 languages.

The life of JK Rowling was marked by the death of his mother

Although as we have said, before launching the adventures of this charismatic and young magician, the life of JK Rowling was mostly marked by misfortune and abuse. And then we are going to tell you why.

It was the year 1990 when our dear writer was on her way to work in Manchester. It was there when he suddenly came up with the idea of ​​telling the story about a school of Magicians. "Suddenly, the idea of ​​Harry appeared in my imagination, simply. I can not say why, or what triggered it, but I saw the idea of ​​Harry and the school of magicians very explicitly " explained Joanne herself.

However, just before arriving home, he received a story that was going to mark the rest of his life. Rowling's mother passed away due to multiple sclerosis disease I had been dragging a couple of months ago. With this death, this girl from the south of the United Kingdom lost some of her most precious supports.

JK Rowling also had to deal with abuse and depression

After the sudden death of his mother, JK Rowling saw the need to reset and start a new life outside the United Kingdom. Said and done. He took the "world for montera" and moved to the Portuguese city of Oporto to work as a teacher in a small English academy.

Once settled, the years passed until she finally met a journalist with whom she felt loved and loved after the death of her more than beloved mother. However, the following months were a real ordeal for Joanne. She was the victim of physical and psychological abuse by her husband in a continuous and premeditated way. However, this did not prevent her first daughter from being born in 1993, whom she named Isabel.

A short time later, JK Rowling filed for divorce and quickly left for Edinburgh (Scotland) to escape all the hell she had been involved in. However, fortune did not smile to this writer either. With a daughter to educate and feed, the protagonist of this story was forced to ask for money in the streets. He had no job and sometimes he did not have two pennies to buy a miserable can of peas for his little daughter.

JK Rowling begins to savor the honeys of success

It was at that moment when everything seemed lost. Did it make sense to continue living miserably? Was this really the future he wanted to give his daughter? Well obviously not. From there, JK Rowling had no choice but to go to the hospital. It was the doctors themselves who diagnosed him with clinical depression, a disease that could have led him to suicide quite safely.

Although from that moment, this British author began her way to the top. She realized that she had to continue living to give her little one a better future and a better world in which to live. Therefore, while JK Rowling took care of her beautiful girl in a cafe, she began to write the story of a young magician who was going to help entertain her before going to sleep.

The truth that was so satisfied by this first story, he decided to sell it to any of the publishers in the area. In the first instance, it was rejected by more than twelve of them. Although one accepted offering a contract of 345 dollars a month for his comics. And from there, his ascent was meteoric.

Everything written by JK Rowling was so successful, that his copies began to sell by hundreds and then thousands. To give you an idea, his latest books, came to sell more than 10 million units worldwide in just 24 hours, which made it one of the most successful English writers of this century. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

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