Natural antioxidants

The antioxidants are considered as those elements, which we find in many foods in a completely natural way, whose main function is the elimination of free radicals in our body.

These free radicals tend to occur as a consequence - or result - of cellular oxidation, and although some of them are beneficial, another indeterminate number are very harmful to our health.

For all this, keep a healthy food is always synonymous with good health, especially if we follow a balance diet based on the consumption of natural antioxidants.

In this case, for example, it is always useful and interesting to know which are the best antioxidant foods.

What are the best natural antioxidants?


It is the antioxidant found in garlic, giving it its aroma and flavor. It is useful when it comes to eliminating malignant tumors.

Ellagic acid

It is an antioxidant with hemostatic virtues. It has antitumor properties. We find it in fruits like strawberries, grapes, kiwis, raspberries, blueberries and berries.


Antioxidant group of water soluble flavonoid pigments with anti-tumor virtues. We find them in grapes, cherries and kiwis, among others.


Antioxidant useful when malnourishing cancer cells, preventing them from reproducing. We find it in peppers, chilies and cayenne.


It is one of the best known antioxidants, especially as it is a precursor of vitamin A. It is found in tomato, carrot, orange, papaya, lettuce and spinach, among others.


It acts as a stimulant of the metabolism, besides helping to prevent the appearance of tumors. We find it in a good variety of teas, especially white tea and green tea.

Coenzyme Q

It helps in the activation of cellular metabolism. We find it in meat, fish and viscera.


Besides having an interesting antioxidant action, it is also a good purifying and diuretic. We find it in citrus fruits like orange or lemon.


It is capable of reducing the growth of malignant tumors. We find it in foods such as broccoli, cabbages, watercress or turnips.


Useful in preventing the onset of cardiovascular diseases, as well as adequate for menopause when acting against osteoporosis. We find it in soybeans and its derivatives.


It is an excellent antioxidant to prevent the appearance of various types of cancer, especially the prostate or gastrointestinal. We find it in tomatoes, strawberries, or blueberries.


Great antioxidant that helps in the prevention of the appearance of malignant tumors. It is found in fruits such as grapes, apples or cherries, vegetables such as onions or broccoli, and healthy beverages such as green tea.


In addition to a great antioxidant, it helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases by cleaning the arteries. We find it mainly in drinks like wine.

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