Raw fish: basic care

The Raw Fish It becomes one of the essential foods within one's own Japanese cuisine. In fact, it is a fundamental ingredient in one of its star dishes: sushi.

In this way they get to enjoy many of the benefits of blue fish and the benefits of white fish that, however, would be lost with steam cooking, grilled or fried.

But although it is an extremely healthy and healthy food, a series of basic care to avoid possible poisoning by anisaki.

Basic care for raw fish

The anisaki it's a parasite that we found in raw fish contaminated, generally in poor condition, that can be transmitted with the consumption of fish poorly prepared or cooked.

It is a parasite that, transmitted to our digestive system with the ingestion of contaminated fish, is capable of damaging our intestines.

How to remove fish anisakis

For eliminate the anisakis, and to avoid any possible contagion when we eat fish contaminated with this parasite, it is fundamental to always freeze the fish for at least 24 hours (it is preferable that it should be at least 48 hours).

This is essential to carry it out when we plan to consume the Raw Fish, or cook it but at low temperatures (either grilled or in the microwave).

How to prepare the fish to eliminate anisakis

In addition to following the steps indicated above for remove anisakis, it is essential to cook the fish for at least 10 minutes at a temperature higher than 60ÂșC.

Only this way we will be able to avoid a possible contagion with this dangerous parasite.

You have more information about the virtues of fish in our special about the benefits of blue fish, and the benefits of white fish.

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