Sunbathe without danger

There is no doubt that the Sun it is a source of vital energy that, in addition to improving our mood and our mood, helps to give us strength, optimism, and above all a lot of vitality.

Not in vain, sunlight is essential for the synthesis of vitamin D, which is a fundamental nutrient for bones and muscles, which helps prevent the onset of rickets (along with calcium).

But, as many dermatologists maintain, "the sun is not for games" (it is common that they always appear sunburn if no action is taken), which is why a series of precautions should be taken to sunbathe without danger.

The warnings are that, in recent years, there has been an increase in the appearance of various types of skin cancers, mainly melanoma (one of the most dangerous and deadly if not detected in time).

Sunbathe without danger

  • Remember that you should not sunbathe when the sun's rays are stronger, always avoiding sunbathing between 11 and 3 o'clock in the afternoon ( best hours to sunbathe).
  • Always use a sunscreen appropriate to your skin type. To find out, our article about you will be very useful skin type and protection factor. Of course, you must place it on the skin always a half hour before exposure.
  • When leaving the water, dry yourself with a towel, since the drops can produce spots or burns when acting as "magnifying glasses". And, whenever you do, apply sunscreen again.
  • Take plenty of liquid. In this way you will prevent the body from getting dehydrated.
  • During the first days when you sunbathe, it is not recommended that it exceed half an hour, since we must prepare our skin for it. In this way we will achieve a natural protection of the skin that tends to be achieved between the first and second week.

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