The benefits of Korean ginseng and how to take it to enjoy its properties

Did you know that there are actually different varieties of ginseng? The truth is that when we talk about it we usually refer basically to a single food as if there really is only one, when we can currently find ourselves in the market with three varieties: Korean ginseng, the Siberian ginseng and the one known as american ginseng.

There is no doubt that the Korean ginseng It tends to be one of the most popular and popular, consisting of a plant native to China which is currently cultivated mainly in Korea, as well as other countries such as Russia, Mexico, Canada and Japan. It is also known by the names of asian ginseng, Chinese ginseng Or simply red ginseng, also being very popular by its scientific name: Panax Ginseng.

It consists of a small plant belonging to the family Araliaceae. Its root is used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, for its incredible benefits and properties. This root is characterized for being thick and fleshy, being easily distinguishable because with the step of the time it can get to adopt a form that remembers much to the human figure.

The properties of Korean ginseng

Improves physical and mental performance

Ginseng consumed regularly is useful to improve our physical and mental performance, which means that it is able to improve our physical and emotional resistance and also brings a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Therefore the consumption of Korean ginseng is especially recommended at the time of recovering the physical state after having passed a disease.

Relieves fatigue

Ginseng acts as an excellent adaptogen, so that it helps our body rebalance in a completely natural way. Therefore, it is also useful when it comes to relieve fatigue.

Soothing nervous system, useful against stress

Although Korean ginseng is interesting in relieving fatigue and improving our performance, did you know that it exerts a soothing effect of our nervous system ?. It is especially interesting in case of stress, as is able to increase our defenses in stressful situations, in which our immune system weakens (especially when this stress is maintained over time).

Good blood purifier

Korean ginseng helps purify the blood, eliminating toxins in a totally natural way This means that it is a very useful traditional remedy when it comes to clean impurities from the blood and improve its quality.

Strengthens the immune system

As indicated above, Korean ginseng helps strengthen our immune system, so that its regular consumption is advisable whenever we get sick with a certain regularity, for example in those times when we commonly catch cold or aggravate. Moreover, its consumption is recommended in times of stress and anxiety, when our defenses weaken.

Improves sexual function

It is well known that Korean ginseng is a useful remedy to improve sexual function, by helping at the time of reactivate the loss of libido and vitality in both men and women.

On the other hand, there is evidence that your regular consumption helps prevent premature ejaculation in men.

Reduces high blood pressure and high cholesterol

Whether you have arterial hypertension as if in your recent blood tests you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, the regular consumption of Korean ginseng root is especially useful when it comes to reducing blood pressure on the one hand, and help your body to eliminate excess cholesterol from the arteries, on the other.

How to take Korean ginseng

There are different options when it comes to enjoying the different properties of Korean ginseng:

  • In the form of capsules: it is definitely one of the most comfortable and most common options. Currently you can find in many herbalists, diet stores and supermarkets different containers with Korean ginseng capsules. They specify the amount of Korean ginseng extract (usually in mg.), And the amount of consumption (the most common is to take 3 capsules a day).
  • Ginseng tea: it is another useful option, and above all more homemade. You only have to put in a saucepan the equivalent of one liter of water and boil in it for 15 minutes one or two roots of Korean ginseng. Then turn off the heat, strain and serve in cups.

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