The most suitable children's shoes for babies and children

Although they usually travel barefoot in a large part of the occasions, babies also need shoes to protect their feet and especially when they learn to walk. Both when they have a few months of life and when they are growing up, they should wear the right shoes, adapted to their feet, because this can diminish their health and little ability to move as they grow.

When learning to walk, sturdy shoes with a somewhat thicker sole help the child to make footfalls and maintain balance. Now, a sneaker is not the same as an English shoe or handbag, which is preferred for parties and other events.

At school or daycare, sneakers succeed, it is always better to buy a foot number that is not too tight.

According to the Hospital de Nens de Barcelona Foundation, when choosing shoes it is better to be light and low, not to be fair, that the sole should be of a flexible material, while the buttress can be reinforced to better support the ankle.

What shoe to choose for the baby or the child?

In school and to do sports

When the child must play sports, he needs a shoe adapted to each type of sports discipline. That is to say, a shoe that is rather strong but very comfortable at the same time that it lets you run, move and move at your own pace. There are shoes with rubber toecaps that are perfect for going up and down stairs, playing circuits ... They usually have rubber soles and protect the child from the somewhat destabilized floors.

For the school, it is feasible that shoes easy to remove and put, and that facilitate the autonomy of the child. Those shoes in boot format are intended for more specialized sports such as football and other sports that involve travel.

One of the advantages of this footwear is that it will never leave the foot, and are well tied with laces or velcro. The models of shoes nuggets of cloth are in the form of a boot, although it is a somewhat thinner shoes, so perhaps they are not so appropriate to do much sport but to use daily, even with socks, as long as the shoe Do not be too tight

Finally, hiking boots are necessary in all stages of life. Babies should also wear them, because they are usually waterproof, breathable and protect the foot of the stones from the roads.

Comfort at home

Many pediatricians recommend that in home stays the child can go barefoot, without ties, so that the foot breathes and is even more comfortable. Now, in the months of autumn to winter, babies, especially, can catch more cold than normal if they do not wear the right shoe.

The Hospital de Nens Foundation establishes that the clothing must be breathable and always be careful not to cause chafing on the skin, as it could leave wounds, eczema and superinfection due to fungi.

Those shoes type moccasins, but basic, without frills or adequate soles, are quite favorable for its movement in closed places. There are also smoother and flat shoes, and boots made of wool or made of other materials something more comfortable and ergonomic, in order that the little one rests the foot but always with some protection.

Some physiotherapists agree that the shoe is better if it reaches below the lateral bones of the ankle. And, if we acquire a boot, it must be flexible so that the child can move, completely, the ankle joint.

In a party

For the baby to be elegant, there are countless special shoes. On the one hand, we must ensure that they are made of the right materials, that although they last less because the child grows, they will be resistant to the passing of days.

The dancers are very pretty and delicate, especially for girls. While moccasins are the most traditional shoes for children, they can combine very well with long pants. It is better that they are leather and different shapes, classic or models with boot, something higher.

For children, water sports are fun. There is a diversity of colors that can be combined with more elegant or informal clothing. When buying these shoes, we should not think only about the appearance of the shoe, it is intended to be put on more than one occasion.

They can have double soles and insoles that make the foot sweat less, and therefore, prevents the child from developing some discomfort. The buckle shoes, both for them and for them, hold the feet. While it is advisable to follow the instructions of the shoemaker to stay with those pairs that do not deform the shape of the foot, it is growing and is forming.

Blucher type shoes can be used well for special occasions or to go to school. As long as they are not too tight and closed, they usually adapt well to the child's feet and, when wearing laces, they are easier to tighten.This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Pediatrician. We advise you to consult your trusted pediatrician.

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