Tips to overcome grief

There are many types of grief, the death of a loved one, a pet, to face a divorce or separation, the loss of a job continued over time. And all this has the common denominator of going through a painful but necessary stage that usually lasts a small space of time.

Some people believe that grief is a bad thing, and they think about being right in the short term, but this is not always possible. In fact, the duel must pass yes or yes, and overcome. In the case that it is prolonged in time, it is then when we need to ask for help from a professional.

Principles and duration

The duel is the space of time between a painful event and the overcoming of it. Each person is different, a world, and therefore, they can have different duels. How long should it last? Well, the great part of professionals indicate that what is necessary.

Others think that it is better for longer, because we can precipitate the facts if we think that it is already overcome before when it really is not. To accept the death of a person, for example, is to say that the duel has been overcome, and its duration can be up to two years. After this time, there must be a change, however small.

The positive aspect of mourning

Grief is really a natural state. During the duel, people who are in this phase discover new things in their life, that is, what is positive is to rethink new situations, think about death, the time we are here, knowing where We want to go and what goals we have in life.

A large part of the people who are going through a difficult stage of grief usually change their perspectives and the course of their tasks. This makes them stronger and face daily problems in the best way. Small things are the ones that now make sense and worrying about the mere fact of doing so takes a back seat. That is, they try to enjoy life more.

What to do to overcome it

Although it is not easy, during this stage, we must also take action to make the duel more bearable. We can not help but cry, feel anger and take our most negative side, in fact it is good that it is so. But we can also put into practice tips that will go very well.

The Spanish Association Against Cancer, AECC, offers several recommendations to overcome this painful stage, as surround yourself with people and talk about what happened. This causes that one does not close and can share feelings that were very deep.

On the other hand, it is good to make an analysis of the positive things that we have in our life. Of the children, of the brothers, of the friends, of our work or of what we have been building to be ourselves.

This analysis gives an air of optimism and establishes that we see things, little by little, from a different point of view. It is important not to feel bad about crying or being in this state. Accepting the state of mourning that is passed is the basis for overcoming it.

People who are subjected to the grieving phase often abandon their habits. They do not want anything, they can develop depression and they stop. This shock or initial impact must last little, so we must return to our routine to feel that we are useful.

Staying home does not help, more than to lament, so once one or two weeks have passed, it is good to leave the house, go to the movies, meet friends, go shopping. Resume our life little by little, never suddenly.

The most negative aspects of not overcoming grief is to stay stuck and develop certain diseases that are related to the mind. It is the case of depression, cited above, which can end with the person leading them to absolute solitude and death. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

How to Deal With Grief During a Divorce Separation (May 2023)