2 natural remedies with basil

The phytotherapy, as you surely know, can become an authentic fundamental ally to improve our health thanks to the use of plants with medicinal properties.

As you enter this knowledge you will discover how much it is possible to achieve by appealing - instead of pharmaceutical or cosmetic products - to medicinal herbs or even to some that can perfectly be in our small garden or those that we can get very easily. Well, today we will take care of the basil, an herb that should not be missing in your kitchens, or in the medicine cabinets.

The basil It has many benefits for our body and is also very helpful for certain conditions that we can go through in our mood.

It is also very versatile and can be incorporated in different ways, either in infusions, in food, topically (creams, ointments, soaps), or in syrups, among other possible applications. We invite you then to discover the main benefits and properties of basil.

2 home remedies with basil

Basil infusion

Infusion is one of the most classic ways to consume aromatic herbs. To make an infusion with basil we take a handful of leaves (with their stems), about 10 grams will be enough with a ratio of one liter of water.

This is boiled and after waiting about 5 minutes to have the infusion rested we strain it. It is suggested to use a spoonful of honey to sweeten - in addition to incorporating this good food for our body.

What I recommend is to take a cup a day for two weeks, then do a week of rest and then resume following the same way, two weeks is taken and then one is not. This infusion of basil has many positive effects for the body, these are some of the most prominent.

In the first place it is a useful alternative for when we suffer from colds, ideal to fill with other foods such as mint, honey, onion, garlic or citrus to combat the symptoms of the flu in a homemade and natural way. It is a good alternative for moms who are breastfeeding because it also helps to relieve nipple irritation. Just rub the infusion when it has a warm temperature and you do not feel that it burns.

On the other hand it is a help for those who suffer from nervous disorders such as dyspepsia, difficulties to fall asleep or depression. If you usually feel exhausted, drinking this basil tea will help revitalize you.

The benefits of basil do not end here, because it also gives us important benefits for the digestive system, if you have problems of this type. Among other things it has carminative properties, that is, it helps to reduce flatulence. To do this, use 15 grams of basil in a liter of water, boil it and after resting for 10 minutes you should drink 2 cups.

Basil poultice

You can prepare homemade poultices with basil to treat fungus, skin infections and acne. It also has antiseptic properties. You should leave 30 grams of fresh basil leaves, macerating in water for 5 or 6 hours. Then add 2 tablespoons of semolina or corn flour which will thicken it. This preparation is placed on a cloth or gauze and placed on the skin for 5 minutes.

If you prefer you can also prepare it as a balm. For this, a dark bottle is needed, in which 30 grams of basil and one liter of olive oil will be placed. After a month it is filtered and a homemade basil balm is obtained to apply on the skin. Just keep it handy and it will get you out of more than one hurry. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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