900018018: the Telephone against abuse and bullying

It was in September 2007 when the 016, a telephone number created by the Spanish Government in order to help battered women and men get out of violence. Already by then, and in hardly a month, the telephone had received 445 telephone calls.

If you remember the birth of this phone number you may also remember the campaign that was broadcast at that time through the traditional channels of print, television and radio. It consisted in changing the sound of a cardiogram that announced the clinical death of a person by the tone of a telephone number 016 on the screen.

After this, there was a "voiceover" that said: "In order for Gender Violence to never leave this signal again, society has this other." 016 Tell me, calmly, we will help you At the first sign of mistreatment, call. The 016 phone can mean another life. "

It thus became a genuine message of hope, which tried to help battered women and men, with the advantage that the conversion was completely confidential, it did not leave a trace and it did not appear on the telephone bill either.

Following this goal, although perhaps somewhat late, the number arrives 900018018, a free telephone created also by the Spanish Government, this time against bullying that has started to work today, November 1st.

It is a number that students, parents and even teachers who can suspect the existence of any case of school harassment can attend completely free of charge. In the case of students, for example, the telephone is placed at their disposal so that they can report if they are experiencing any case of harassment or cyberbullying at school.

This phone will be attended 24 hours a day by qualified professionals, including psychologists, social workers, educators and lawyers.

While all cases will be collected in a confidential file, the most serious will be brought to the attention of the State Security Forces and Corps, so that they can act accordingly.

How the phone 900018018 works against bullying

From the moment you receive a call to this phone number, it will be answered by a professional. This professional, after hearing the complaint, will offer support and put the facts to the knowledge of the educational inspection. If necessary, it will also inform them about the legal services or the police.

Then the inspectors will be in charge of investigating and investigating what happened, and may even contact the centers.

Although at first the phone can be difficult to remember because it is long, those responsible have indicated that if a sufficient number of calls were reached, the number could be simplified and remain in three figures, as with the telephone against abuse (in this case). occasion would be 018, instead of 016).

In summary, below we summarize the main characteristics of this new issue against bullying:

  • What is 900018018: It is a telephone set up by the Ministry of Education with the aim of dealing with alleged cases of school abuse.
  • Who can call this number: Any person who has knowledge of a case of school abuse, or the young person who is suffering it.
  • Who answers the call: qualified professionals such as psychologists, lawyers, educators and social workers.
  • Other features to consider: it is a toll-free number, which leaves no trace on the telephone bill (that is, the call is not registered and the telephone operator does not show it on the invoice).
This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

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