Advantages of medical insurance

The number of people who choose to take out health insurance is increasing, either as a way to complement their public health or not to depend on it and opt only for private health (although the health offered by the State is also covered) . And there is no doubt that there are many advantage offered by Health insurance.

As we have already explained in a previous article in which we asked ourselves: What are medical insurance? A medical or health insurance consists of a contract that a person establishes with a health insurance company, through which they purchase a medical plan and the insurer must cover the patient's medical expenses, in exchange for the patient paying certain periodic amounts.

That is, we have a contract in which what is insured is the health of the person. Therefore, it is the patient who decides the characteristics of this medical insurance and the benefits it offers.

The main advantages of health insurance

As many specialists, experts and medical professionals in the sector say, the truth is that bad times are running for public health. And it is that the long waiting lists that exist in most of the Autonomous Communities of our country, join the cuts that in Health have been exercised in recent years.

The result has been evident: patients must pay more for medicines and for their medical treatments, and even in certain cases public health care is not covered.

Therefore, whenever you can afford it, it is a very good option to take into account what are the features and benefits offered by health insurance, and above all what are its main advantages:

  • Without waiting lists: Although Spanish public health is considered one of the best in the world, one of its most negative aspects are waiting lists (where in some Autonomous Communities they can be endless, being very common for a simple consultation due to joint pain with the traumatologist does not give time until after 6 months). However, private medical insurance has the advantage of not having waiting lists, since you have quick access to the medical specialist's office and a large number of diagnostic tests. If you have waiting lists, do not assume more than a few days or a few weeks.
  • You can choose your medical specialist: Another of the main advantages of medical insurance is to offer the possibility to the patient to choose the medical specialist that is preferred, within the medical chart available to the insurer. In most cases these consultations occur much faster than with the public health specialist.
  • Near-immediate access to diagnostic tests: the same happens as with the choice of the medical specialist, with health insurance it is possible to access a large number of diagnostic tests (which are covered in the insurance). These tests range from routine blood and urine tests to more advanced ones, such as the case of CAT scans.

Once you know some of the main advantages of medical insurance, would you choose to hire one? You already have it? The truth is that they are alternatives to take into account, especially when complementing public health.

If you want to know more about health insurance, we encourage you to read the following article: What are the medical insurance for?

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