Alternatives to travel for less money than you think

There is an issue that addresses us all when it comes to taking a trip. How much will I spend? What budget do I have for this vacation? This bridge is very expensive and we can not travel ...

Normally, it is the most expensive trip that we could make, or well-known and visited tourist destinations ... Many times we have a closed idea that we only want to go to that place on that exact date but, and if we open our mind and leave that other destinations surprise us ?.

Choose an option that is less known and lower cost on that date that we most likely want, apart from learning to let ourselves go, we will be pleasantly surprised. We will end up in a place we had not thought of and seeing things we never imagined.

In the first place it would be convenient to differentiate two words that can be quite important: traveling or being pure tourists.

When a traveler knows the place calmly enters into its culture, its people, places, events, food. Take as much time as possible to know everything there is to know at once without focusing only on the most touristy places and elements.

How we can define the tourist in its pure essence that only visits a place with limited time, focuses on knowing the most relevant tourist attractions, "traditional" restaurants, tours to make better use of time and pay on food prices and visits for the simple fact of being tourists.

It depends on which trip you make, you will spend more or less money.

What can these alternatives be?

The ideal would be to put a budget per day so you will see that you can do many more things than we think without spending excessively. It is not about racanear but economizar.

Lodging. Where to stay to sleep for little money.

Depending on the time you are going to be, it is probably more profitable to rent a room in a hostel or hostel than to opt for a hotel that only because of the number of stars and service that they offer may reduce your days in the city.

If you are very adventurous there are hostels or campsites where you can plant your tent there.

There is even the alternative of renting a private room in a house for as long as you want to be in the city. There are people who share your home, yes, besides saving some money you will be meeting a person from the place who can also inform you about more spaces to know.

Transport. How to move economically

You can always use public transport to travel normally is not very expensive and also usually reach points that are worth knowing in the city in which you are.

There are alternatives such as the option to share a car with other people for a fixed price. People who move to the same place you would like to go. Today there are some applications and companies that are dedicated to it. Always following the legality and fully identified.

Go, go a lot surely you are not used to your day to day but I assure you that you will discover places that maybe you would happen and you would not see with public transport.

Food and drink.

Perhaps this is one of the biggest expenses throughout your trip. Everything will depend if you want to eat in Michelin-starred restaurants or simply look for places of typical food in the area.

You can always have breakfast at home in most places there is always a supermarket nearby. Saving breakfast every day means that you will have more budget for other types of activities you want to do. So you will not stop trying the typical gastronomy without overdoing it.

Culture and leisure

If you are one of those people who like to go to museums, temples, churches, the best option is to find out which day your entrance is free and keep saving costs. Generally the entrance to these places is not usually cheap because it is of high tourist interest. If it does not exist that day, look for coupons or discounts. And if you have the option to be a student, go to it.

These are some of the alternatives that we can suggest always in your budget add something else in case something unexpected ... Enjoy the trip !. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

How to travel the world with almost no money | Tomislav Perko | TEDxTUHH (November 2022)