Anti anemia food

The anemia is one of the main signs of the lack of iron (also know as iron deficits), which can appear in turn with the following symptoms: fatigue, paleness, reduced physical and intellectual capacity due to fatigue, as well as a decrease in the resistance of infections.

Therefore, consume iron-rich foods is always the best option when it comes to prevent anemia, especially because following a balanced diet based on the consumption of natural and healthy foods of both animal and vegetable origin helps to provide our body with the iron it needs every day.

We must not also forget that, at certain moments or stages of life, iron needs varyFor example, children and adolescents need more iron because they are in the growth phase, while women (from puberty to menopause) need iron as well because during menstruation they tend to have extra losses. Nor should we forget about pregnancy, since due to the needs of the fetus and the changes of the organism that occurs during pregnancy, it is usual that the future mother needs to follow a diet rich in iron.

There is no doubt that a great idea is to know which are the best anti anemia food, since they are rich in iron and, therefore, help us to control and maintain our iron reserves at a good level.

List of anti-anemia foods

  • Red meats: especially meat of veal and pork. Of course, remember not to exceed 210 grams of red meat a week.
  • Cereals: they emphasize especially the integral cereals, especially rich in iron. We can also find wheat, oats, barley and rice. Regarding breakfast cereals for children, the best ones are those that have been enriched with iron.
  • Chocolate: there is no doubt that it is a food that, consumed in moderation, is extremely beneficial, especially the purer versions (such as dark chocolate). In addition, it is rich in iron, a virtue that increases if we find it with almonds or hazelnuts.
  • Nuts: every day it is advisable to eat a handful of nuts (around 25 grams a day), being very beneficial for our cardiovascular health. This handful provides approximately 2 grams of iron.
  • Eggs: they stand out not only for their high protein intake, but also for their high iron content.
  • Potatoes: they provide iron, as long as they are not cooked fried (it is best done in the oven or boiled).
  • Seafood: consumed in moderation (and also monitoring high uric acid levels), provide iron. They emphasize the prawns, mussels and squids.

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