Anti-stress diet: the diet against stress

The anti-stress diet can help you fight against stress, and above all to avoid the appearance of stress with the diet.

In a previous article we learned that, to a great extent, both physical and mental health depend on the daily diet we follow, so we can say that there is a relationship between diet and stress.

This is because, the diet, has a vital importance in the treatment and prevention of many of the situations of stress which we face every day.

Follow one anti-stress diet It is not difficult, especially because it is enough to follow simple and simple guidelines, and above all to maintain a balanced diet.

How is an anti-stress diet?

Fundamentally the anti-stress diet it must contain grilled or cooked fish and meat, cooked vegetables and fresh salads, fruit (either whole or in natural juice), and vegetables, at least once a week.

As you can imagine to a certain extent, you should decrease the consumption of tea, coffee, salt and sugar, and eliminate - or at least decrease - alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

It is also convenient to avoid those foods that are precooked, chocolate, fried dishes and fried snacks themselves, red meat, spicy foods, refined flours and saturated fats.

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