Black beans: properties and benefits

Although it is usually much more common than you think, it is common to confuse green beans with the so-called black beans, which differ from the first ones not only because they have a characteristic black appearance (unlike the previous ones, which are yellowish-white), but because they provide a series of different properties.

In fact, the black beans they come from South America, although at present we can find them practically all over the world: from the United States to Europe, passing through Asia and even Africa.

As usual, the vegetables They tend to be well known for causing those annoying gas and flatulence. However, in case of preparing them raw, it is best to put the dried beans in soaking before cooking, which will help reduce their sugars.

If purchased in the supermarket and cooked and packaged, the best option is to wash them well with water and salt before consumption.

Benefits of black beans

The black beans they differ from those named as green beans in which the first ones present an oval shape and a bright black color, thus becoming a very characteristic type of legume.

They are especially rich in fiber, which is ideal not only at the time of prevent the constipation, but also helps when it comes to lowering the levels of high cholesterol.

They are also rich in antioxidant compounds that are called anthocyanins, flavonoids capable not only of prevent clots, but also cancer.

It also highlights its high content of folate, as well as minerals (especially in potassium, magnesium and calcium) and vitamins (especially vitamin B1).

Nutritional values ​​of black beans


200 kcal.


13.5 g.


36 g.

Total fat

0.9 g.

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Health Benefits of Black Beans (July 2024)