Freekeh (green wheat), the fashionable food. What it is and unique benefits

It is giving a lot to talk about. They say that it is the fashionable food and that it has dethroned quinoa because it provides a great amount of nutrients. Although it has been consumed in the Middle West for thousands of years, now it is imposed by the West, thanks to its rich properties.

When we refer to freekeh we talk about wheat harvested before time, also known as green wheat.

A study from a Jordanian university indicates that the nutritional composition of this cereal establishes that it has 77% of carbohydrates, 12.7% of proteins, 16.5% of dietary fiber and small amounts of vitamin A, B1, B2, C and E ". Know what is and what the freekeh brings.

The multiple properties of freekeh

Rich in fiber

It is considered a super food because it offers a variety of properties for the body. For example, it has a lot of fiber, which makes it excellent for the body to work superbly.

The freekeh has 16 grams of fibers per 100 grams, while brown rice only 4 grams and quinoa 5 grams.

The fact that it has a lot of fiber is good, in addition, to regulate the intestine, satiate the stomach, and be able to include it in all kinds of diets, especially those created to lose weight.

Few fats

This grain also has few fats. In particular, it contributes only 2.5% of unsaturated fat compared to 4% that contributes quinoa.

This positions it as a perfect food for lunch and dinner, and very good for your health.

Low glycemic index

Thanks to fiber and its high protein content, freekeh helps maintain a low glycemic index. Well, thanks to freekeh, the entry of glucose to our body is slow, and then it is beneficial for those people who have diabetes.

Large amount of minerals and vitamins

Regarding the amount of vitamins and minerals that it has, we can mention that the freekeh is an important source of selenium, magnesium and zinc, and this contributes a great amount of defenses in the organism.


In addition, it has all the essential amino acids, that is, those that the organism is not able to synthesize naturally.


It also strengthens the defense system, a fact that potentiates the growth of hair and nails, and gives us vitality in the body and the organism, in a general way.

Your consumption

Being a cereal, it is good, and nutritionists recommend a consumption of between 4 and 6 servings of cereals a day. It should be noted that freekeh contains gluten, and although it is harvested before ripening, it is not indicated for celiacs.

When there is a pathology, it is better for the doctor to determine what can be eaten, depending on the characteristics of each person.

What are the uses of freekeh in the kitchen?

It is a very versatile product that, just as it happens with rice, couscous or quinoa, can be taken as food, dinner, summer lightly or in winter mixed with hotter dishes.

It is also delicious as a dessert, since it can accompany fruits and yogurt, thus replacing some cereals that perhaps have too much content in fats and sugars.

It is easy to make, comfortable to eat and can be combined with many other foods. It can be taken in grain. In this case, it cooks quickly, when cooked for about 15 minutes. While we can also find it in the form of cut grain, and even ground, that is, in the form of flour. Its flavor is reminiscent of herbs and gives off smoky notes.

Freekeh salad recipe


  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Cucumber
  • 1 cup of freekeh
  • Mint and other herbs

Preparation of freekeh salad:

  1. We boil the freekeh in two cups of liquid, then we chop the tomato and the onion next to the mint and the grass, like the parsley.
  2. We wait about 15 minutes and we see that the freekeh cooking is optimal; the grain should not stick.
  3. Then we mix the freekeh with the rest of the ingredients. We add olive oil or other dressings.

In salad it is better to consume cold, especially when the heat starts to tighten. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesCereal Foods

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