How to improve and refresh the skin with ice cubes

The use of ice, especially for some time now, has become a natural option that is as useful as it is refreshing when it comes to take care and improve the health of the skin. For example, in Dermatology it is common to use cryotherapy or other therapies in which cold is used, as a form of useful treatments for dermis care, as well as for the treatment and reduction of spots and moles present on the skin. .

In fact, it becomes a very interesting option not only useful and adequate to care for and improve the skin. It is also ideal for freshen up in the hottest days, that is why its use is excellent in summer days or when it is warmer when we need to rehydrate our skin.

The benefits of applying ice cubes to your skin

Improves blood circulation, in a completely natural way

The application of ice on the skin is ideal to improve blood circulation, thanks to the cold helps the blood vessels contract, so that acts in such a way that there will be a reduction in the surface of the skin. Hence, it is also a useful and appropriate option to reduce inflammation or swelling.

Reduces the presence of dilated pores

When the dilated pores they become an aesthetic problem the application of ice cubes on the skin can be very useful, especially when you are going to apply makeup, because the pores tend to be enlarged and become very visible under makeup.

Enjoy a much softer skin

As the application of ice cubes reduces enlarged pores, it is also very useful for Enjoy smoother skin, while helping tighten the skin of the face, reduce dirt and excess sebum (grease). That is, it gives a much softer appearance to the skin.

Soothes puffy eyes

The swollen eyes they become a very common problem that affects many people every day. They consist of the appearance of red eyes, bigger than normal, with tired and dilated sensation. If you apply ice under the eyes Helps to reduce the swelling present in this area, being very useful to relieve and reduce swollen eyes.

How to apply ice cubes on the skin to enjoy their properties

In the first place, it is essential that, before starting to apply the ice cubes on the skin, try to cleanse the skin thoroughly. To do this, wash your face with neutral soap, apply an exfoliant and then rinse with warm water.

Now wrap one or two ice cubes in a cotton cloth, and just at the moment the cloth becomes something wet you can take it to the face and apply it on the skin of the face. The most advisable thing is to try to stay in each area of ​​the face for at least two minutes so that the cold works better. When you reach the area of ​​the cheeks, the forehead and nose try to move the ice cubes gently with circular movements.

When you have finished dry your skin with a dry cotton cloth, and then finish with your moisturizer. If you wish, you can Learn how to make a natural anti-wrinkle cream.

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