How to improve the renal system

Our kidneys are two organs that as main function are responsible for the purification of our organism, helping in the elimination of toxins and all those liquids and wastes that our body does not need anymore.

Therefore, the kidneys are - together with the liver - the main purification organs and eliminate the waste that our body does not need. In this sense, the blood circulates several times a day through them, and in this way they filter the useful substances that are returned to the blood, and leave the useless so that they can be subsequently eliminated.

They become in fact one of the main filters of our blood, which purify it by retaining what our organism can take advantage of, and eliminating only what the body must discard through the urine.

But in certain occasions it is possible that the health of our kidneys weakens, not working correctly. It can occur in case of certain disorders (such as kidney stones or polycystic kidney disease), or when too much salt or alcohol is abused. All this can cause the kidneys not to work well, causing an increase in creatinine, which is characterized by being one of the main indicators of the functioning of these two bodies.

Increase the hydration of our body

It is advisable to drink between 1.5 to 2 liters of liquids every day, since this way we will help our kidneys to function better and to purify the toxins that we do not need.

We can increase these benefits if we choose to include infusions and purifying teas, which increase and improve the capacity of the kidneys in this regard.

Avoid excessive salt intake

One of the main enemies of the kidneys is the Salt, especially when it is consumed excessively. It causes an increase in blood pressure, which in the long term results in a malfunction of our kidneys.

Therefore, always the best option is to look for alternatives to natural salt, such as spices or culinary herbs that add flavor to our meals without being harmful to our health.

Avoid highly spiced foods

The most essential is to follow a diet as balanced as possible, rich in healthy and natural foods such as fruits, vegetables and fresh vegetables. In addition, these foods are ideal because they provide fiber and water.

Control blood pressure

There is no greater enemy to take care of the kidneys that arterial hypertension. Hence, it is essential that if a high blood pressure has been diagnosed, it is controlled either with medication (always prescribed by the doctor), or following a healthy lifestyle, in addition to reducing salt in our meals and those foods that are richer in sodium.

It is also useful purify the kidneys at least once a year, since we will improve its function and improve our health equally. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesKidneys

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