Reasons to choose a nutritionist: what to do and when to go

After Christmas or holidays, the kilos will have accumulated in the body and the figure will no longer be the same. Eating at odd hours, in an unhealthy way and a lot or little are usually reasons why one's diet is not the right one.

The figure of the nutritionist becomes indispensable for someone to help us take care of ourselves and learn to eat better. Bad habits make processed food with fat the one in the fridge. And health, in the long run, is affected.

What does a nutritionist do?

The figure of the nutritionist is formed in the nutrition of food. He knows how to take people to achieve their goals and goals whenever they talk about nutrition. The nutritionist usually works with each person offering personalized programs about what to eat.

Everything depends on your habits, constitution and physical and personal conditions. Based on this, perform a preliminary study, an assessment and set guidelines for the patient to follow.

The plan that you usually establish has an objective and you are thinking about taking into account each type of food. It not only marks what should be eaten on a daily basis, but also why it should be done, how to cook food to be healthier, and the benefits of each food group.

When to go to the nutritionist

Many people are not clear when they should go to a nutritionist's office. Most of the population does it to lose weight, and when they have already exceeded a few kilos that prevent him from doing some of the things that were done previously.

Not in vain, in Spain overweight is a real problem that goes further, since 39.3% of the Spanish population between 25 and 64 years old is overweight and 21.6% is obese, according to a study by the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC).

Based on these data, the need to go to the nutritionist is increasing, for health, diet and remodeling of the figure. But when is it best to go to the nutritionist?

A sedentary life

Sport is totally complementary to good food health. When we have been sedentary for a long time, food can be affected, and therefore, health. Always eat tupperware, do not exercise, snack and dine on the sofa and other actions that make bad habits do not let health is really important in the life of a person. When it is essential.

Eat fats and processed foods

Taking processed products from time to time is not a crime. But on a daily basis, or three times a week, there is an increased risk of obesity or of a high risk of coronary heart disease, among others. The WHO recommends avoiding the consumption of this type of fats.

The nutritionist will guide us and tell us what to take instead of this type of animal fat. You can get protein by taking another kind of food. The secret is knowing what to eat, in what way and how much.

Need help and not know what to do

When a limit is reached, people need help and the nutritionist is the right professional. The increase of fruits, vegetables and vegetables is one of the bases of a good and perfect diet. But not only vegetables are foods that must be consumed, there are many more.

Risk due to illness

When carrying out a check or control at the family doctor they will always evaluate the possible risks that we may suffer. With this there are more possibilities to detect some diseases that are usually related to food. From coronary heart disease, hypertension, cholesterol or diabetes, you have to know how to control what you eat in these cases.

Benefits of having this figure

The advantages of following a personal plan of a nutritionist are based on changing your diet and being healthier inside and out. The benefits are, therefore, numerous and important.

From improving health, in general; to feel better, reduce kilos and stylize the figure, have a less sedentary life and better habits, discover new flavors and cooking times ... are some of the advantages of having a nutritionist.