How to remove excess wax from the ears naturally

If I asked you how you tend to clean or remove wax or earwax from your ears it is quite possible that you name the ear stick as the element or utensil that you use the most in this regard. However, did you know that It is not good to use sticks to clean the ear? The reason is found primarily in the risks involved in its use when inserted into the ear canal, since in addition to pushing the wax further into the ear canal, we risk damaging the eardrum, lacerating it or even breaking it.

What's more, if we discover about the Main functions of wax you may be surprised to learn that far from being a waste product or substance in our ears, it is really important to exercise a protective, lubricating and cleansing action. Moreover, it is part of the natural defenses of our body, by preventing the passage of bacteria, fungi, dirt and impurities.

It is very useful when cleaning the ear completely and absolutely natural, since by slowly moving from the middle to the outer ear canal tends to drag all those impurities and dust inside, helping to eliminate them naturally.

On the other hand, did you also know that in most cases it is not necessary to do anything to clean the earwax? The truth is that it tends to be withdrawn alone, in a natural way, when we bathe or shower. And to achieve it effectively it is only necessary to pass a little warm water and a dry cloth or towel on the outside of the ear.

Natural tips to remove excess wax from the ears

However, when there is a excess wax yes, its elimination is necessary. As we mentioned briefly in the previous lines, It is not appropriate to use ear swabs, leaving them alone to use in cleaning the outer ear. Yes it will help you to follow the advice that we propose to you next.

Yes, to apply some of these natural tips you must ensure that you do not suffer any type of hearing damage. Otherwise, it is always best to go to your otolaryngologist, who will be the most suitable to help you eliminate possible wax plugs.

Warm water in the shower

In most cases to remove and remove excess wax from the ears, it is enough to Carefully wet your ear in the shower, and then clean the outermost area of ​​the ear (specifically the pinna) with the help of a thin towel or gauze.

In fact, unlike what is usually thought, the truth is that the ears already have a natural cleaning process, which ensures that the wax goes out to the outside and falls, either normally or during the shower .

Massage to soften the wax stopper

It is a simple and useful option, especially recommended at the time of soften the wax stopper that may be blocking the ear canal. To do this you just have to open and close your mouth at the same time you carefully massage the back of the ear. Then, to finish, pull the ears in several directions.

If you wish you can repeat this process every time you feel that you have a wax plug in your ears.

Hydrogen peroxide (or hydrogen peroxide)

Probably we are facing one of the most popular and well-known natural tips: the use of peroxide for Remove excess wax from the ears. Its preparation is very simple: heat half a cup of water until it is lukewarm. Then add half a cup of oxygenated water and with the mixture fill a dropper.

Then lie down with the ear to be treated upwards, carefully pouring the contents of the dropper into the ear. Wait between 3 to 5 minutes, and remove the liquid by turning your head to the other side. To finish, clean your ear with warm water by rinsing your ear in the same way.

Marine water diffuser

You can currently find in different pharmacies and herbalists marine water diffusers, very suitable for the natural cleaning of the ear because it helps to soften the cerumen plug, proceeding then to its elimination when it falls by the external part of the ear.

It is appropriate, in turn, to carry out a correct auditory hygiene when we shower or bathe, always on alternate days.

What if you have a tendency to form wax plugs?

In these cases it is best to go to the otolaryngologist at least once a year, being better to go more frequently, between 2 to 3 times. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

Ear & Sinus Problems : How to Remove Ear Wax at Home (December 2023)