Lengthen the life of food is possible, discover how to preserve them

We know that nothing remains and that over time everything deteriorates, even more in the case of food and especially if they are fresh foods. Extending the life of food a little longer is possible if we give him the right treatment for it.

Some studies have shown that in many households because they do not conserve well or, properly the food ends up in the garbage. Splurge food today with the times that we could qualify as a luxury and we should not allow it to be so.

Therefore, properly preserve food even allows us to save something more in the shopping cart. If you are interested in taking advantage of the food and save a little more, pay attention to a series of tips that we provide below.

They are a series of simple and easy to carry out tips, it only consists of a change of attitude and correct some failures that we may commit when conserving our food.

How to extend the life of foods naturally

The vegetables and fruits

We begin then by the vegetables. We all know that the refrigerator is the best place for its conservation, of course in the right way to ensure its 100% conservation. We must store them in the corresponding drawers for that function since it is the site of the cooler that has less cold.

We will keep them, if they are very large as is the case of the pumpkin, divided into pieces in bags that we will pierce a little so that it transpires.

The smaller vegetables, such as zucchini, carrots, are stored without bagging. Whenever we store a vegetable or fruit in the bagged refrigerator we should remember to pierce the bag.

If tomatoes are ripe, we will store them without a bag in the drawer of the refrigerator. If they are still green, we can keep them in a dry place, out of the fridge and once they ripen in the refrigerator.

In the case of leeks, spring onions, young garlic, tender onions, we must keep them without bagging in the fridge drawer.

Most of the fruits can be kept outside the refrigerator, as long as we have not split them. In the case of split fruit we will keep it wrapped in a little transparent film, and take it out for a while before eating it, we will notice its flavor better.


The fresh fish in the refrigerator lasts only 2 days, we will keep it clean in the refrigerator, instead of other foods, if perhaps we will not consume it within that period of time, keep it clean in freezer bags and freeze it so that it is kept in good condition.

The fish is not advisable to keep it without cleaning since it will lose its freshness, it will also lose quality, and will give a bad smell.

Therefore we must clean it according to what we buy, whether we are going to eat it fresh or if we are going to freeze it.

The meat

To preserve fresh meat, in the refrigerator lasts 3 to 5 days, the best place the drawers or drawers that refrigerators usually bring to place the meat.

We should not store them in the trays or containers of the market, it is better to keep them in clean bags.

It is also not advisable to leave the meat in an uncovered dish because the air is damaged and they begin to give off a bad smell.

If we are not going to consume it on the days mentioned above, we should put them in freezer bags and freeze them as we bought them.

If the meat is in fillets, we keep each fillet in a separate bag.

Milk and dairy

The conservation of the milk once the container is opened will last longer, or less, depending on the type of milk we have purchased.

In the case of fresh or pasteurized milk usually brings short date of consumption and if we open it will last at most 3 days, and best place to keep it is at the refrigerator door.

On the other hand, the milk we buy sterilized, after being opened in the refrigerator, lasts up to 5 days.

The milk we buy in bricks usually have a longer date, but once opened in the refrigerator it will last about 8 days, and without opening in the pantry at room temperature it will last until the expiration date.

Milk is a product that we can easily notice that it has been spoiled, by its smell, as well as by its acidic taste, as soon as we notice that the milk has spoiled we should discard it and not consume it.

Fresh or tender cheese should be kept in the fridge so that it does not spoil and may last for 5 or 6 days, at the refrigerator door or cheese or butter crispers.

The semitierno cheese not very cured, we can keep it in the fridge, better wrapped in baking paper, or in plastic packaging, we should not store it in plastic bags as it prevents perspiration and will fill with molds.

The semi-cured cheese can also be preserved in the refrigerator in the same way as the semitierno or at room temperature in traditional cheese-making.

The cured cheese, we can keep it at room temperature in the cheese.

The eggs

The eggs should be sure to buy them always fresh, although they come with their expiration date they can hold up to 2 more weeks, as long as they are in the fridge.

It is better to keep it in the same container in which they come and in a rack of the refrigerator, there the temperature of the refrigerator is better maintained being more stable than in the egg cups that come in the doors.

Make sure to keep them with the pointed part down.

At the time of buying the eggs we should note that they are not stained, and that the shell is not broken or cascading.


The bread is a food to which we can get enough performance and use it well.

We can eat it fresh, buy a quantity of bread and freeze it, so we will have bread ready for another moment, or we will bake the bread that is left over, so we do not throw anything away.

We can also take advantage of the bread that we have left to make different desserts such as pudding, torrijas.

The best way to preserve fresh bread is in a cloth bag or in traditional bread boxes.

We should not leave it in the air, if we have some fresh bread we can cut it into slices and freeze it in freezer bags, and a few hours before eating it we will take it out. We can also thaw it in the microwave and warm it up.

Another option, as we have said before, is to bake the fresh bread that has been left over in the oven.

The mold bread can also be frozen, so it will not spoil.

Sauces and jams

Homemade sauces can be frozen freshly made in freezer bags and thawed when we go to consume them.

Fresh homemade sauces inside the refrigerator last as long as 6 or 7 days.

The industrial sauces, once opened, will be kept in the fridge door, in the bottles that come and tightly covered.

For homemade jams once opened we will keep it in the fridge well covered, if when we have prepared it we have given the correct sterilization treatment in the refrigerator it will last us about 5 or 6 months.

However, being homemade and not previously sterilized, the refrigerator will last a week.

The industrial jams once we have opened them we will keep it inside the refrigerated well covered, usually they are consumed before they get to expire.

The preserves

The preserves, when we open a can and we have left over content, we can store it in plastic or glass jars in the fridge and discard the can in which it has come.

We must consume it in a week, but we can also freeze it.

Keeping the can open in the refrigerator will cause the can to oxidize and oxidize and end up spoiling the food.

Other foods

In the case of potatoes or onions it is better to keep them outside the refrigerator, in a dry place, and protected from light, and separately. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

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